Must help santa and the kool-aid man.

I've note been updating much here on how I've been doing, so here's a few updates I gave people in another forum (sorry I've not been here, if you've been checking.):

Well, today I felt OK. But now I can't sleep at all. I'm in too much pain to lay down -- too much pain to sit up -- too much pain to walk. I can't really figure out a position to get it to stop. I think it is the gas left in my body (that they use to inflate your abdomen for laparoscopy). My stomach, incision area is mostly fine -- just a slight discomfort -- but my chest and shoulders are excruciating. Ugh. Please pray that this gets better really fast -- like today

My moms been taking care of me all weekend and she's heading home in the morning. I'm feeling a bit better than yesterday, but I'm still hurting a LOT.

Just wanted to give yall some sort of update -- even if it's not much. The good news is I got out of the house today -- the bad news is that it made me even more sore.

I'm feeling very selfish and a bit depressed. I have no idea what I'll do all week and I feel bad for being "lazy." I'm also retaining water, which means the scale says I've gained weight. And even though I *think* I have not -- I'm freaking out about it anyway. A lot.

Thanks for all the prayers -- keep them coming please.

Thank you for all the support and prayers My weight is back to a normal range! Which was my biggest concern. I'm still in a lot of pain and very out of it (yesterday I opened the door to the UPS man and asked him what he wanted from me). I called the doctors office and told the nurse my concerns and she pretty much blew it off as some people think it hurts a lot. Which was nice.

I got out of the house last night and it made gave me so much pain that I swore I was glued to the apartment today. I'm worried that my pain pills are half gone. I hope I feel better today.


I know I said I wasn't going to go out today, but I did. Erin came over and watched a movie with me. She also brought me gummy letters so I could spell out curse words and vulgarities -- cause Erin is an awesome friend. Then she was like -- "would you like to go to the store to get out of the house?" Well sure I did, I needed to get a birthday card for my dad. Then halfway through the store I was like" "I'm sick now. I wanna go home."

I really didn't expect to feel this bad. So many people say it's easy and they're back to normal in a few days. Well, I'm sick and hurting -- not fair. :(

Today though I held back on the pain pills. They make me itch and they make me way crazy. So I took half a pill when I woke up and stuck to over-the-counter pain killers all day. I feel better. I'm sore and hurting -- but I'm not itching and crazy and falling-asleep-but-cause-pain-every-time-I-lay-down-cause-i'm-passing-out. I think this is an improvement. And like I posted there, I'm back to my good weight range. PRAISE JESUS! I'd rather be in pain than gain weight -- and I know thats messed up but it's true. It didn't matter how many people told me it was impossible that I gained 10 pounds in mere days -- I was freaking out.

So here's hoping that I get feeling better. I thought that it was going a bit far taking the week-off -- but I'm so freaking glad I did. I'm not in good enough shape to be out of the apartment for an hour -- much less all day. I want to see "Balls of Glory" which comes out tomorrow -- I really hope I can go see it this weekend :)


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