Go Karts!

Here's an excerpt to an email (with some minor corrections) I sent Erin telling her about my vacation:

We did go karts. I've never driven my own go kart because I was too young or too fat -- and lord help. That was terrifying and more fun than I ever could have imagined! I swear I must have had a look of pure elation. And I wasn't paying attention, right -- 'cause I was so excited. And I was in the 3rd row and they let the first row all go then the second and so on, right? But I didn't realize that, and in retrospect a free-for-all would not work out, but I didn't think that through at the time. So when I saw a guy go (in the first row), I floored it too LOL. Cindy was pissed that I "cheated" ;)


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