A damn fine burger

I am an excellent cook. And really, I just get better and better. And anyone who thinks I'm not a great cook can shut it because I think it's one of my best talents. It's nice to have such a wonderfully useful talent. And one I can show off at that.

Last night, Chad said I made one of the best burgers he's had in a long time. Yep. You can now add a damn fine burger to my repertoire. And it wasn't a one off occurrence either. I made myself a burger last night that was at least as good as the ones I made last night. 'Cause I'm an awesome cook.

In Florida, me and my mom were watching Rachel Ray (because if I'm watching cable, you know it's Food Network). She was cooking with her stove-top grill that I always envy so much and I said this much to my mother. Then she pointed out that she has one of those that I can have! Yes! She's had a cast iron grill pan in the oven for years because she didn't like it. Well, I took that right on home.

I scraped the years of burnt-on gunk off it and began to season it with vegetable oil. I seasoned it twice with vegetable oil before I looke up seasoning online and read that vegetable oil has too low of a smoke point to use. So I pulled it out and smothered it in the only fat I had -- butter. Then I had to see if my seasoning worked, right? So I called Chad over for burgers. It worked. It's awesome. I love my cast iron grill pan. I can't wait to try chicken on it!


Blogger Chad said...

It really was a superb burger. Just thinking about it makes me hungry again.

11:28 PM  

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