5 AM

I don't know if it was because I woke up hurting or what. But I just shot awake, thought someone was at the foot of my bed, and screamed my head off. Loudly. Had to get up and turn all the lights on and make sure someone wasn't hiding in my shower. Man, it's been a long time since I screamed. I forgot what it sounded like.

I'm hurting too. All day since yesterday afternoon, I've had a pain in my side. Feels like when I had a broken rib. No, I haven't fallen. And at the moment, my chest is hurting quite a bit. Enough that this is what made me go to the ER in the first place. And yall, I was brought up poor -- you don't go to the ER unless you are gushing blood or death is imminent. My body sucks. I want a new one (a skinny one, perhaps?).


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