My mouth has been covered in stress ulcers for over a week now. This might actually be the worst I've ever had them. And today a friend reminded me that I should get some Oragel. Well I haven't been able to buy my own lunch for a few days -- but I got paid today! I got some Oragel on the way home -- and holy shit. I've been in constant pain all week. I couldn't smile or lick my lips and eating was really hard. And now -- now my mouth is totally numb (except for a light burning sensation which is wonderful in comparison). This is awesome. I'm happy.

Also, I've got 9 classes left before I graduate and get a freakin giant pay-raise. I need to take 2 classes this fall so I can have my degree next Christmas. My work will reimburse me for all my classes 100%... but only after I get my grades back. That poses a problem when you consider that UAH wants the classes paid for on the first day of class. This posed a large problem for me. I have no money. So I went to HR today and they have a plan with UAH where they have a purchase order with UAH. So while they won't hand over the money until after I pass the classes, they'll promise it to UAH who will then leave me alone and let me take my classes! This is a huge praise GOD. Everyones been trying to help me figure out how to pull off tuition and now I don't even have to worry about it! No loans! THANK YOU, GOD.

And once I get the degree, I'm set. I don't even have to look for a job -- I've got one. They're just waiting on me to get my degree so they can give me a huge raise (seriously, 3 times as much as I make now). But I'm kinda freaking out about getting back into classes. I'll still be fulltime at work -- now I'll just have even more on my plate. And as we'll all recall, last time class was on my plate -- the plate broke. The past year ...or two... of classes were horrible -- lots of failures and withdrawals. Of course I'm in a much better place right now -- and can see the prommise land... Ugh. I don't wanna.

But at least it'll be FREE now! And you should see my insurance. I need to go get my cavity filled since that will be 100% free too. This job is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Not THE best -- but it's up there.


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