"I'm gonna get fired for this, aren't I?"

Today, my friends -- today, I hosed a very expensive piece of equipment. A one of a kind piece of equipment that we were running tests on and don't have the capability to fix. I had to run the same test 16 times today. The same test that I've already run *counts in head* at least 40 times. But these 16 times, I had to run it with very important people watching me. Unfortunately, this very important person was a really annoying old man. I hate annoying old men -- in fact, what the hell happens to guys that turn them into these set-in-their-ways, annoying, mean, bitter old men? Seriously -- I want to know.

Oh, back to the story of my fuck-up.

Well, at one particular CRUCIAL part of the test, I have to click a button right after HE clicks one. And he said something and moved to write down results in such a way that I was sure he was done and it was time for me to click. Nope. I pretty much did the worst possible thing I COULD do. And by cutting power at that particular moment, I created a 120lb paper weight. Yep.

I was mortified. I knew I was gonna get fired over this. And dude, this shit had to be done by COB today, and this was the only one of these programmed like this in existence. Mortified, I tell you. We were all 100% positive that it was dead. And it was 100% my fault. But I immediately began to freak out and go into denial that SURELY there was a CHANCE it would run. So we went through 30 minutes to get to a point where I was praying to God and everyone was staring at the screen almost drooling waiting to see if it would possibly, miraculously work...

It worked.

IT WORKED. There is no way it should have worked. Ask anyone, they'll tell you I hosed it. And it came back to life anyway! I never felt so relieved in my life. I hosed it at 16% upload and the POS actually came back on anyway. Thank you Jesus. Thank you a lot.


Blogger Tel said...

POS. Hahaha. Hosed. hehehe. Ahh, you bring me back to my techie days.

10:37 PM  
Blogger Just A Girl said...

Ha, I do this type of thing at least once a month. I am known around here as McGyver because I never cease to break things and then rig them back to life.

9:41 AM  

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