Dear Diary,

Today I slept really late and then woek up to read. I stayed in my pajamas until about 3 oclock. My neighbors children (the ones who think I'm the most awesome person ever) came over to play with Jack before I had a shower. They wanted to drop off an invitation to her birthday party and invite me to go bowling tomorrow. I cooked myself steak and a baked potato for dinner and cleaned up while it was cooking. I know it's not hard to fuck up a baked potato, but I think I make the best I've ever had. Then I read some more while I ate. Now it's time to go to the theater to meet a group of nearly 20 friends (mostly "extended" friends) to see Harry Potter (again, that is. Erin and I saw it Thursday).

And last night I had pizza and played a new board game at Chad's house. Then we all went to the pool and relaxed for a long while complete with pool toys (I love me some pool toys). It was an awesome evening. It was great to feel like I belonged with everyone. Which is kind of a new feeling.

And mom left for Florida today to spend the week with my brother and her family. I'm glad to know she'll be happy and enjoying herself and to not have to worry about her like I always do. So basically, this weekend is awesome. I feel great. This is like the exact opposite of depression. I'm content with the way things are at the moment. That's a new feeling too.


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