Today is a good day. Here is why:

I had brunch at a great new restaurant with my friends.

I went to the Thrift Store that always sells Target stuff and got some awesome deals.

We celebrated a triple birthday party at my house. There were two cakes and lots of games and lots of friends and joking around. Great time (they're just now leaving at 11:30pm). We had funny hats too.

The hot waiter that I gave my number to on Thursday CALLED ME.

We had Carrabba's for dinner. I love Carrabbas.

We went to the mall where I bought a cute cardigan at the Gap and cute panties from Victorias Secret.

The real reason today was awesome is because of my friends. I'm so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. I never had real friendships before so I can really appreciate finally getting what I've always prayed for (understatement). It is priceless and indescribably awesome. I can't even begin to touch on how much they all mean to me. They brighten my life -- they cheer me up -- they help me out when I need it. They care about me. And that means the world. And this weekend I've really been reminded of how blessed I am to know and love them and to be loved in return.

My life is nowhere near what I imagined it would be. I'm not even in the same ballpark of what I used to imagine for myself at 24. But many people have commented on how genuinely impressed they are with the life I've made for myself. They always use that phrasing. The life I've made for myself. And you know what -- it really is awesome. I've come so far, done so much -- I have so much. And really I may not have all the THINGS that I always wanted -- and not even the relationship I've always wanted -- but I really am rich in friends.

I've been blogging for -- what? -- three years? I doubt any of you have been around that long -- but if you had, you'd have seen me struggle. I struggled with my weight -- my beliefs -- the way I was raised. And through all of it I was so lonely. And I don't have to be lonely anymore. And I can't imagine anything better than that right now.

And to think that this happened overnight. Literally -- I fell into these friends. And yes, since we met in October, we've added friends and strengthened relationships. I've contributed to their lives as they have contributed to mine. But it literally all just changed that one night. And that really gives me even more hope for the future. Who knows what I might fall into tomorrow? Life really does change in an instant. And thank GOD for that!


Anonymous Leah said...

hey, I've been around for that long. Are you sure it's only been three years? I've been reading your blog since sometime in '04.

And I am proud of you and how far you've come. I'm glad that good things are coming to you -- it's a great sign of how far you've progressed.

5:29 AM  

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