New & Better Bike!

Thanks to someone who shall remain nameless, I just bought this bike:

I rode it today in the store and I really like it. It's even a good color! I ordered online so I could use my "Working Advantage" discount -- plus free shipping means it's cheaper than in the store. It should get here next week -- I'll have that Friday off to break it in! I'm really excited :)


This bike is even better than the one that was stolen :) And it will NOT be left chained to my car for bad people to steal. Some people suck -- but I'm glad that there are people out there who are so awesome as to make up for it.

I'll post a picture as soon as I get it :) And I'll post a picture of it strapped to the back of the Beetle. I never took a picture of my previous bike like that. I know some people think that bike racks are tacky, but Beetles are always the cutest thing ever -- and having a bike on the back is pretty damn awesome.


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