"I think you're just left of a fruit cake." "Which sides the bad side?" "It doesn't really matter."

I just downloaded the new Fuel song Wasted Time and it is awesome. Five stars -- they haven't disappointed me at all.

You know who has disappointed me? Pizza Hut. For one, their deep dish is not really a deep dish. In fact, last time I ordered it, I opened it and I was like -- this isn't deep dish. So they remade it -- and it still sucked. Also, they send me coupons, but none of the Huntsville Pizza Hut's accept coupons. So I asked what their specials were. They don't have specials. As in they don't have any. So I asked how much a large was. A large one topping is 17.99. And lets not forget, no specials. I was like fuck you, I'm getting Dominoes.

Now Dominos -- they were awesome. I picked up a large 1 topping for 5.99. And they had a drive through so I didn't even have to get out of the car. And there was no charge for extra sauce or extra cheese because deep dishes already come with extra cheese. And the pizza was awesome. Fuck you, Pizza Hut.

Seriously, the new Fuel is awesome. The album comes out in August -- I'm going to be buying it day of release, thank you very much. I was worried that the new singer would suck. I've always thought the lead singer made the band, you know. If the lead singer quits, you don't have the same band. But not so with Fuel. They sound the same. Fuel has absolute mastery of their sound. They're definitely in my top 5 bands. Probably even the top 3.

Now, if I could bring myself to pull this new song off repeat, I'd listen to the new Lifehouse I also just bought. Oh, I'm gonna be up late tonight.


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