I declare it thus.

June 24, 2007. Two years, one month and eight days after gastric bypass surgery. This is when I'm deciding that I'm having my skin fixed. I'm going to look into this and pursue it as hard as I've pursued other things -- moving out of birmingham, getting a beetle, getting my own apartment, getting un-crazy, and having the surgery in the first place. These are things I wanted and I took for myself. And I'm taking this. And I'm writing this here because in a few months or years when I finally get this surgery, I'm gonna be hurting and I want to remember when I made the decision.

I've heard nightmares about the pain people have experienced after having their skin tucked and tightened. I want my arms fixed first and foremost because they show all the time. Then I'll follow that by my tummy and legs which I want fixed equally bad for both though not as much as my arms. Those will be the bonus surgeries if I have the option later ion my life. Arms though. I know that it hurts like hell for a long time. I know that the scar is pretty damn ugly. It looks like you have a seam down your arm -- a repair on an old doll made with the wrong color thread. And they still don't look great -- the skin that remains fits again - but it's still all stretched out and covered in stretch marks. I've seen people who have had this surgery in person and touched their scars. The end result is not anywhere near ideal -- I know this. However it's better than what I have.

I want it. I shall have it. It might take years. Lord knows I waited a good 23 years before I finally got my Beetle and I'm still waiting on my love -- but it's gonna happen. I'm gonna make it happen.


Blogger Tel said...

The more muscle I put on my arms, the looser the skin. You need to show me these websites of before and after pix. If when I lose this weight the skin is still there, I'll need the surgery too.

12:14 PM  

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