"Do my arms look as gross as I think they look?"


And the sad part is that when one of my best friends said this, she was totally being honest. My arms are pretty gross though. So is my stomach. I'm still not even near my goal -- and probably never will get there -- but the more weight I lose, the grosser my body gets and the worse my clothes look. Sure, if I had snazzy new clothes that fit, my clothes would look awesome. But I have the clothes I bought when I was an 18 or even a 20 or more -- they don't fit my size 16 frame anymore. So I look really frumpy and like I have really horrible taste.

*Sigh* I hate that it seems like I'll never look good. I didn't look good when I was 340 and I don't look good at 191. Even after losing 150lbs (122 since the surgery) I still look bad. This sucks, man.

She said if they were her arms, she'd tie them up with ribbons. Dammit, people, honesty is not ALWAYS the best policy.

One day I'm gonna get plastic surgery and get them fixed -- then I'll be THAT much closer to hot... or at least acceptable.


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