Things I would post about if I weren't so lazy.

+ The Shrek glasses at Mcdonalds are awesome. They're very heavy. I like heavy glasses. I'm going to be buying a lot of Mcdondalds...

+ Erin wants to see Shrek for her birthday so we have to wait to see it :(

+ Tonight a bunch of us went to the pool over at their apartment complex. Someone with a stick up their butt felt the need to verify that we live there (they have 4 apartments there between them). Then she came back later and took down all their names and where they lived. Like they're gonna get in trouble now. For doing nothing wrong. Ooooo.

+ My balcony garden ROCKS.

+ This week was super stressful but I'm being listed on one of the projects as a product engineer. Which is freaking awesome.

+ Roomba totally rocks. It works so much better than I ever expected it to - others agree. Roomba is awesome.


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