Shrek, work, and water park!

Erin read last nights post and invited me to grab some food with her after work. Erin is a good friend. I chose Mcdonalds because I wanted another Shrek glass. They only have that one Shrek glass. So now I have 2 of the same Shrek glasses. I really wanted the on with Donkey and Puss in Boots.

Work was long and boring for 8 hours and then 1.5 hours of hectic stress. I spent most of the day bored to death reading Wikipedia. Then at 4:05, I get pulled in to work. Not just a little work mind you -- but a ton of tedious difficult work -- and it had to be done by close of business day. Yes, they waited until 4:05 to give me a stack of things to do while navigating between a group of stressed out and super-disorganized people. Seriously. The amount of frustration I have with my current project is unmentionable. I was in a horrible mood all last week and so far this week isn't looking good either. I really hope that it's just this project that's pulling me down and not the whole ball of wax. Please dear god I hope it's not the whole ball of wax.

I'm planning a trip. A trip for my friends. To a water park. We're going to take off work and go to a water park. At first I wasn't going to go. The other girls in the group don't want to go because they don't want to walk around in a bathing suit -- and I'm bigger than they are. And I'm way too jiggly -- cause not only do I still have PLENTY of fat -- but I have fat with way to much room to jiggle around in (speaking of -- the scales at 201 -- which is like 5 pounds lower than it's been for months now -- I'm psyched!). Anyway -- so I sure as hell didn't want to walk around in a bathing suit all day either, right? But then I realized -- dammit, I'm tired of missing out because I'm fat. I've missed out of so much because of my weight over the years. I've lost a ton of weight and this might be as small as I'm getting. I didn't have gastric bypass surgery and eat nothing but jello for 2 months so that I can still miss out on life cause I'm fat. Fuck that. I'm going.

And I have friends that want me to go! And we're gonna have so much fun! And Erin thought that it seemed really stupid to ask off of WORK to go to a water park. But dude, it's so not. That's the kinda thing where people are like "I wish I could take off and go to a water park" or "I wish I had a bunch of friends to go to a water park with." What's a better excuse? Taking off because you needed a day to relax? Taking a day trip? Well, this is a day trip -- this is taking off to take a mini-vacation with your friends. And instead of spending it looking at scenery or something, we're going to spend it dunking each other in the wave pool. It totally trumps all. I hold the position that this is the exact opposite of stupid -- this is insanely cool. I can't wait!


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