Shirt Printing Time!

Alright Folks, the coolest shirt I own has been ruined. I got it at Target and it was a cheap 5 dollar holiday shirt. The "I <3 Ireland" has peeled off. Tis a sad sad day.

So... Now I need to print something on it. Remember the "I Need A Hug" shirt? Shall I reprint that? How about reprinting the goomba? Maybe a "I <3 Prozac"? Or I could go total generic and print a 1-up mushroom. Any suggestions?


Anonymous Leah said...

I liked the goomba. Actually, if you were to make one again, I'd totally love to get one too :-)

I also think it'd be cool to do some sort of nerdy code picture. Me, I'd totally do some lab equipment (not sure what . . . maybe a chemistry flask or some chemical structure)

9:46 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Yeah, goomba is totally in the running (and if you send me a plain shirt, I'll totally print you one).

Geeky is a good idea. Here's a few more ides:

1. The cat comic:

2. The random number generator comic: or something alng the lines of
Return Rand();

3. The ghostbusters logo

4. cos <3 = ?

5. The physics equation Stress = F/A with or without a footnote that for Prozac, A=0

1:14 AM  
Anonymous Leah said...

the cat comic is great. My friends and I go around just saying "you'we a kitty!" in a little kid voice, and we crack up every time.

email me your address, and I'll tots send you a plain shirt. Can I send a grey one? Or is that too dark for printing?

9:31 PM  

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