Pop me on the back of the hand if I mention buying another plant.

Since I got Jack, having plants has been out of the question. He eats them and knocks them over and then plays in the dirt. This is very sad because I was raised as a gardener. Me and my mom love us some flowers. And now I can have flowers of my own. And I have taken that and run with it.

No more plants... at least not right now.

So far, my gorgeous balcony has a lovely Mexican Blue Bell that just opened its 2 first blooms this morning, a sun fern, a red "Carolina Beauty" CrapeMyrtle, a pot of tulips about to bloom, orange Lilies, Ivy, and dark pink Zenias. Now I have a great spot to sit and some flowers to tend :)

Other than the flowers, this week has already been super stressful. Yesterday I had to leave work to run to the doctor (still switching from Paxil to Prozac). I also had to drive all the way home to pick up my tax refunds to cash them while I was out. You'd think cashing a tax refund at a bank you've had an account with forever would be easy -- you'd be so wrong. My license is expired, so even though I have 2 accounts with them, a school ID, a work ID (both with pictures) and a current US Passport in addition to a license that still has all my info and current picture -- they wouldn't cash it. I had to get a manager and argue with him about it. I wanted to cash it so that it would be deposited instantly instead of being held like last years refund (apparently checks from our government need to be held sometimes) -- I explained that all I wanted out of it was like 40 bucks -- I was gonna turn around and deposit the rest anyway -- and it's not like this bank hasn't dealt with me forever. After much stress and arguing he finally "allowed" me to cash it. Fucking assholes.

So while I was thinking about refunds, I figured I'd also run by and drop off my tax forms to qualify for SNAP's spay program. I've talked to them over the phone and they never felt the need to mention that female pets have to go through the Huntsville Animal Services. So I head there... and get lost. However I notice a little mexican snack joint in the middle of nowhere -- remember this, it'll come into play in a minute. So I find this Animal Services place -- which isn't even in cellphone network -- and they need some paper work that I don't have with me. So I go home -- yet again -- and then return and fill out all the paper work. Because I made so very little at the police department, I got the vouchers for Tabitha's spay and shots and everything for all of 5 bucks. Score! And now that I've already cemented the fact that I was going to have to work really late to make up the time, I figured I'd go back to the Mexican place. They had a huge sign that said "SHAVED ICE." I've been wanting a shaved ice forever! So I ask the woman for a shaved ice -- she doesn't speak English. Neither do the others. They had to go find a person who speaks our language. That person then informed me that they don't serve shaved ice. Cause, you know, it's not like they have it advertised on a huge sign out front or anything. So then I went back to work and stayed super late to make up the time -- sans shaved ice.

Today, I've been caught in a tug-of-war between projects. My full attention is needed on two projects which both supposedly have priority and neither of which can be delayed at all. And they both have legitimate reasons for needing 100% percent of my attention RIGHT NOW. So who wants to tell the losing PM that I can't do their stuff? I've forwarded it off to my bosses to declare -- but I have a feeling I'm gonna catch someones wrath no matter what. Unfortunately, it's looking like the project I prefer is going to lose out -- which will make me personally feel bad because I've been on that project since I started. It's always been clear that it is my top priority. My supervisors were supposed to find me projects to fill my spare time that could be dropped at a moments notice to perform work on the primary project. But now I've been pulled in to do bitch work that should have been done months ago and needed to be done weeks ago on another project which has priority in the company. *sigh* It's stressful. Someone's going to be mad and probably take that out on me - -and unfortunately, it's most likely going to be the guy I like that has been in my corner rooting for me since I started.

Also, I've been anxious, depressed, and flat-out-tired this week. Today I felt so bad that I returned to bed and was 2 hours late to work. A lateness that was not unnoticed. Ugh.

I'm gonna take a shower and then water my flowers...


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