Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

It was awesome. AWESOME. I was thrilled to see it -- anyone who saw me today knew that there was one thing and one thing only on my mind: I get to see Pirates of the Caribbean tonight! And I did. And did I say it was awesome? 'Cause it was.

Seriously though, I really enjoyed the film. I've read a bunch of bad reviews of it already and heard some complaints when it was over -- but I was extremely pleased with it. I can see the criticisms -- there are a lot of plot lines which could make it a bit confusing. I however, followed it perfectly. Now whether this had anything to do with the fact that I had already seen every single clip, trailer & behind-the-scenes commentary for the movie that exists on the internet -- well, that's for you to decide.

For someone who loves movies -- who love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and thinks that Jack Sparrow is the most awesome character ever, this movie is very satisfying. Yes, the first movie is the best. The first movie was made alone and as a stand-alone film. That's why it's a nice wrapped up piece with a simple plot. I <3 that movie. The other two are paired together to wrap up a trilogy. They let us get even more of one of the best movies EVAR. And I, for one, loved the whole trilogy. I'll be seeing this one in theaters a few more times yet ;)

Now, if you've seen it -- AND ONLY IF YOU'VE SEEN IT -- you can read my thoughts on the movie at the following link. (PLEASE: if your comment will contain spoilers -- do NOT comment on this post -- comment on the linked post):


PS: To all the people who rushed out of the theater when it was over: The other 2 movies had another scene after the end credits -- did you really think that they'd do that on the first two and then not on the last? Idiots. Now you have to go back and see it again cause you missed the last scene :-p


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