Lost Cat.

I lost Jack. I know: again. I don't know why he doesn't want to live with me -- he's spoiled rotten. But he runs every chance he gets. It hurts my feelings.

Today was spent around the house (Tabitha was spayed yesterday so I wanted to keep nearby to keep an eye on her). I had the windows open and the balcony door open all day to get a nice breeze through the apartment. I've done this since I installed the screen door and had yet to have a problem -- until tonight. Around 8, I realized that Jack wasn't running around breaking things -- so I decided to check on him. I found the screen bent back, but he wasn't on the balcony. I scanned the area and spotted him on the sidewalk by the street -- the fucker had jumped off the balcony! I ran outside and around back to grab him -- I saw him run off -- and haven't seen him again since.

That was around 8 o'clock. It's 1AM now. Still havn't found him. I've walked all over -- even on the other side of the street and all around the apartments. Nothing. I even took his favorite nub outside in hopes of luring him out -- nothing. The laser pointer didn't work either. I'm at a loss. And I'm tired. It's way past my bedtime -- but I don't want to go to sleep while hes missing. What if he gets hit by a car? What if I don't find him?

And I know no one cares but me (and Erin) -- but dude, my cat is missing.


1:24AM EDIT: Found him! I decided to go out one more time before I laid down to hunt for him. I walked around the courtyard and out back around my balcony calling him -- then I heard him meow -- but he sounded far away. So I called him again and started walking up the sidewalk by the street calling him. Then he start wailing (and as everyone knows and likes to mock -- Jack can be loud). He was only about 8 apartments over under another persons balcony. He was wailing at me but wouldn't come out -- poor thing was scared. I tricked him out with the laser pointer. Laser pointer dots are like cat crack. Of course the first thing he did when I brought him in was dart for the balcony door... Ungrateful bastard. I'm so glad I found him.


Blogger Tel said...

Hahaha! Jack, what a jerk!

Zoey used to get out of the back fence all the time. The first time I worried like hell, since she was gone for about 24 hours. Some neighbors found her in their back yard, hiding and scared.

Every other time she got out, all I had to do was wait for about 1/2 hour and then go outside and call for her. She'd always answer. It also helped that she wore a bell on her collar so I'd know exactly how far away she was.

Now we live on the third floor and while she saunters out on the balcony, she's not going anywhere though sometimes I think she'll make a jump at the rather large geese at the lake. :)

11:17 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

Poor Jack :x We care too, of course.

Molly gets out every now and then as well, but at least she doesn't run too far.

8:50 AM  
Blogger Just A Girl said...

Foxx gets out and sits on the front porch staring into the yard. It's like he wants to run free and play but there's an invisible force field keeping him on that porch....of course it could be the black lab that's waiting at the bottom step, lol.

9:02 AM  

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