It has been a long week. Long.

It is finally Friday! Finally! This week has been super long and stressful at work. And I've just wanted to sleep. This weekend I can sleep. A lot.

I missed Grey's Anatomy (and therefore girl's night) last night, and it's a pretty interesting story:

So I was supposed to go to Kelli's at 7:30 for the show. Awesome. I wanted to take a shower and get my clothes ready for Friday before I went (I've been lacking sleep, so I wanted to make sure I got to bed on time). I also decided to go grab dinner with the guys before girl night. So I come home after work and have just enough time to shower and sit on my balcony. On the balcony I hear thunder -- a storms rolling in. On the interstate I see walls of rain in the distance -- the distance I was heading for. It was one of those Alabama downnpours (I love Alabama's freakish rain) right over Madison... where I was going. So I drive straight into the storm and have to run through 3 parking lot rivers to get to the restaurant -- everyone is soaked. Nathan shows up a bit late and informs us that he has locked his keys in the car. And where is the spare? At his apartment. And where is the apartment key? In the car. And where is the spare apartment key? In the apartment. Problem. Nathan doesn't get to go home tonight.

So we decide to have dinner anyway and solve it after. Solving the key problem turns out to take much debating and arguing and all roads lead to us heading back to their apartments anyway, right? I mean, I needed to go see my show ;) So we venture into the downpour to head back to their place(s) -- there's been a shooting in their neighborhood so traffic was slow. We had been warned about this (thanks, Erin!). But after sitting in the turn lane for a good 4 greenlight cycles, we realize something got to be up. Sure, the lanes moving -- but that's just people abandoning hope, not actually turning. So I do what I do -- I get out in the pouring rain and go ask the police what the fuck is goinng on. They inform me that the neighborhood is closed. We can't go in. No one can go in and they're checking everyone who comes out. Nice.

Now for me, this means I don't get to see my show. For them, this means they don't get to go home (not that Nathan could anyway). So we all go over to Chad's and check out the news. Turns out some asshole had an AK47 and shot his dad in the foot then ran away. Because of this, all the apartments were evacuated and a massive neighborhood was completely closed off. ...Because someone got shot in the foot.

Now don't get me wrong -- shooting someone in the foot is very wrong. Very wrong. But it's not like he was on a shooting rampage killing people. I think the manhunt was a little much. They knew who did it, and sure he had a gun -- but even shooting his father, he only went for the foot. Seriously -- it was total overkill. Their neighborhood was closed off from like 5 to 10 because some idiot shot someone in the foot. Am I just insensitive?


Anonymous Crystal said...

You may be a tad bit insensitive, remember the recent Virginia shootings and all of the prior catastrophes including those poor Amish kids? I’d rather be inconvenienced than be dead. Look at that silver lining, atleast you were with good company and atleast you’ve got friends and you weren’t alone. I feel bad for the poor 65 year old lonely man that go home to his savory mighty man frozen entree that doesn’t have anything to do or anyone to kill those restricted hours with. The freak shot his own daddy whose to say he doesn’t shoot any bystander or have a following of lemmings to follow suit.

9:30 AM  

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