I am a handy handy woman.

Today (after pool day), I decided to hop over to the Restore Store (it's a Habitat for Humanity building supplies surplus store). Guess what I got? For 5 bucks, I got a aluminum screen -- for a few quarters more, I added on a drawer pull for a handle and a few cabinet hinges. I made and installed a screen door in my bedroom!

I've been wanting to do this forever. I have a balcony, but I can never make use of it really because of the cats. And you can rule out leaving the door open for a nice fresh breeze. But now I can use my balcony and leave the door open all day without a worry! I even bought some plants for the balcony. I HAVE PLANTS. My first own plants! I'm so excited! Jack is super psyched too:


I picked up a Mexican Blue Bell and a fern to start my garden off. Yellow Bells have always been a special plant for me and my mom -- just something I grew up with. So having a Blue Bell is kinda like taking that and making is my own. This makes me happy. Oh, and that gorgeous Mandevilla on the left is for my mom for mothers day.

And to answer a few questions you might have: Yes, Jack spent all day sitting in the door. And Yes, I got that door home in the Beetle. I tried a lot of ways to wedge it into the car and failed miserably. Then I considered strapping it to the roof. I ended up putting it on the bike rack. Yes, I know I totally rock. Yes, it hung off the car a good 2 feet on the sides. No, I didn't drive slow -- I only paid 5 dollars for it and it was kinda fun watching it flap around. The Beetle had wings.


Anonymous Leah said...

do you have a hook on there too? What's to keep the cats from pushing it open?

In any case, that is awesome. I just looked up the info for restore stores in Michigan, and I am totally going next fall when I'm in my new place. Super cool.

10:25 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

The Restore Store is AWESOME. It's 90% used materials -- or materials that were at least supposed to be used and never were. They sell lots of built-in cabinets (that have been ripped out) tons of electrical fixtures -- old bathtubs and sinks -- but my favorite are the windows and doors and such. You can get great old windows and awesome glass doors for like 15 dollars -- and those would be 100 or so at an antique store. When I paint windows for people, I get them there. In fact, you can see three leaning against the wall on the balcony there.

Also tons of great old hardware. It's a fun place to go if you like to repurpose things. Or a smart place to go if you need a piece of a house -- like a airvent grate, window, doors, electrical fixtures, -- even plates of glass.

And right now, I've got the screen so low that it rests on the bottom of the door and it's too new to Jack for him to try to puch it open -- but yes, I'm going to get a hook to keep it latched.

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you like the Restore concept.
I manage ours here in Winchester, Virginia. Our regular come in at least twice a week to see whats new and the new ones are not new for long. You can always find something you cant live without and you are helping someone at the same time... win win situation!

Lorie Sterling

3:50 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

I'd go in more often if it wasn't out of my way. I like to rummage through the hardware...

6:06 PM  

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