Random Note(s)

Holy shit -- my credit score is actually really good. How the fuck did that happen?

Also, I bought a hawaiian shaved ice maker. I can't find shaved ice anywhere and it's one of my favorite summer treats. I finally gave up and bought my own ice shaver. It's just as awesome as I hoped it would be. I ordered some syrup mixes off eBay (Tigers Blood, Strawberry Daiquiri, Peach Daiquiri, Blue Hawaii, Banana, Pina Colada and Watermelon). I'm going to make them with Splenda instead of sugar which means no-calorie sugar-free Tigers Blood shaved ices EVERYDAY! The awesomeness is much. My friends are also excited about this purchase.

We're going to break now. I've got to fire a call screener.

So someone stole my bike last night. Yep. Used cable cutters to cut the locks that chained it to the frame of the car right outside my apartment. Also, they destroyed the bike rack -- I assume they did that before they realized that it was locked to the car itself. It's really sad that someone STOLE my bike. A low-end woman's Huffy bike. It's not worth enough to be worth stealing. It was worth at least 10 times as much to me as they'll get for it and I can't afford to replace it.

People are pathetic. Really. Don't they realize that they live in ghettos because they MAKE THEM GHETTOS? Stealing a cheap bike? Really? I'd love to find this person and run them over with my car (bonus if they're riding my bike when I do it) just so they won't exist in the world with me anymore. Fucking idiots.

I really liked that bike. It made me very happy.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

It was awesome. AWESOME. I was thrilled to see it -- anyone who saw me today knew that there was one thing and one thing only on my mind: I get to see Pirates of the Caribbean tonight! And I did. And did I say it was awesome? 'Cause it was.

Seriously though, I really enjoyed the film. I've read a bunch of bad reviews of it already and heard some complaints when it was over -- but I was extremely pleased with it. I can see the criticisms -- there are a lot of plot lines which could make it a bit confusing. I however, followed it perfectly. Now whether this had anything to do with the fact that I had already seen every single clip, trailer & behind-the-scenes commentary for the movie that exists on the internet -- well, that's for you to decide.

For someone who loves movies -- who love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and thinks that Jack Sparrow is the most awesome character ever, this movie is very satisfying. Yes, the first movie is the best. The first movie was made alone and as a stand-alone film. That's why it's a nice wrapped up piece with a simple plot. I <3 that movie. The other two are paired together to wrap up a trilogy. They let us get even more of one of the best movies EVAR. And I, for one, loved the whole trilogy. I'll be seeing this one in theaters a few more times yet ;)

Now, if you've seen it -- AND ONLY IF YOU'VE SEEN IT -- you can read my thoughts on the movie at the following link. (PLEASE: if your comment will contain spoilers -- do NOT comment on this post -- comment on the linked post):


PS: To all the people who rushed out of the theater when it was over: The other 2 movies had another scene after the end credits -- did you really think that they'd do that on the first two and then not on the last? Idiots. Now you have to go back and see it again cause you missed the last scene :-p

Actual train of thought:

"Monday Monday... ooo, I can go to support group tonight! ...oh but wait -- the Heros finale comes on tonight. Fuck that. ... Heros!"

On another note: I'M GOING TO SEE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN ON THURSDAY NIGHT! The amount of pure joy and excitement that fills my heart because of this is unquantifiable. I haven't been this excited about a movie in a very long time. I watched the trailer at work today 4 times. That cut with the drum to Depp's foot splashing the water as he steps onto the beach -- that's an awesome trailer moment right there. One of the best. Holy shit -- it's gonna be SO AWESOME.

I took Friday off so I can stay up late for the late showing. No shit, I'm totally serious. Vacation day! PIRATES! HOLY SHIT!

Lost Cat.

I lost Jack. I know: again. I don't know why he doesn't want to live with me -- he's spoiled rotten. But he runs every chance he gets. It hurts my feelings.

Today was spent around the house (Tabitha was spayed yesterday so I wanted to keep nearby to keep an eye on her). I had the windows open and the balcony door open all day to get a nice breeze through the apartment. I've done this since I installed the screen door and had yet to have a problem -- until tonight. Around 8, I realized that Jack wasn't running around breaking things -- so I decided to check on him. I found the screen bent back, but he wasn't on the balcony. I scanned the area and spotted him on the sidewalk by the street -- the fucker had jumped off the balcony! I ran outside and around back to grab him -- I saw him run off -- and haven't seen him again since.

That was around 8 o'clock. It's 1AM now. Still havn't found him. I've walked all over -- even on the other side of the street and all around the apartments. Nothing. I even took his favorite nub outside in hopes of luring him out -- nothing. The laser pointer didn't work either. I'm at a loss. And I'm tired. It's way past my bedtime -- but I don't want to go to sleep while hes missing. What if he gets hit by a car? What if I don't find him?

And I know no one cares but me (and Erin) -- but dude, my cat is missing.


1:24AM EDIT: Found him! I decided to go out one more time before I laid down to hunt for him. I walked around the courtyard and out back around my balcony calling him -- then I heard him meow -- but he sounded far away. So I called him again and started walking up the sidewalk by the street calling him. Then he start wailing (and as everyone knows and likes to mock -- Jack can be loud). He was only about 8 apartments over under another persons balcony. He was wailing at me but wouldn't come out -- poor thing was scared. I tricked him out with the laser pointer. Laser pointer dots are like cat crack. Of course the first thing he did when I brought him in was dart for the balcony door... Ungrateful bastard. I'm so glad I found him.

Shirt Printing Time!

Alright Folks, the coolest shirt I own has been ruined. I got it at Target and it was a cheap 5 dollar holiday shirt. The "I <3 Ireland" has peeled off. Tis a sad sad day.

So... Now I need to print something on it. Remember the "I Need A Hug" shirt? Shall I reprint that? How about reprinting the goomba? Maybe a "I <3 Prozac"? Or I could go total generic and print a 1-up mushroom. Any suggestions?

Tiki Torches!

Did I tell you I spent my watch money on my garden? I did. I had been planning to buy this awesome Fossil watch -- even tried it on in the store. But then I bought plants. Plants are expensive. So are pots, pot stands, Tiki torches, torch mounting brackets and torch fuel. I'm very happy with it though and glad I spent the money this way. It's so nice to have a place to go sit and relax -- I find it soothing.

Shrek, work, and water park!

Erin read last nights post and invited me to grab some food with her after work. Erin is a good friend. I chose Mcdonalds because I wanted another Shrek glass. They only have that one Shrek glass. So now I have 2 of the same Shrek glasses. I really wanted the on with Donkey and Puss in Boots.

Work was long and boring for 8 hours and then 1.5 hours of hectic stress. I spent most of the day bored to death reading Wikipedia. Then at 4:05, I get pulled in to work. Not just a little work mind you -- but a ton of tedious difficult work -- and it had to be done by close of business day. Yes, they waited until 4:05 to give me a stack of things to do while navigating between a group of stressed out and super-disorganized people. Seriously. The amount of frustration I have with my current project is unmentionable. I was in a horrible mood all last week and so far this week isn't looking good either. I really hope that it's just this project that's pulling me down and not the whole ball of wax. Please dear god I hope it's not the whole ball of wax.

I'm planning a trip. A trip for my friends. To a water park. We're going to take off work and go to a water park. At first I wasn't going to go. The other girls in the group don't want to go because they don't want to walk around in a bathing suit -- and I'm bigger than they are. And I'm way too jiggly -- cause not only do I still have PLENTY of fat -- but I have fat with way to much room to jiggle around in (speaking of -- the scales at 201 -- which is like 5 pounds lower than it's been for months now -- I'm psyched!). Anyway -- so I sure as hell didn't want to walk around in a bathing suit all day either, right? But then I realized -- dammit, I'm tired of missing out because I'm fat. I've missed out of so much because of my weight over the years. I've lost a ton of weight and this might be as small as I'm getting. I didn't have gastric bypass surgery and eat nothing but jello for 2 months so that I can still miss out on life cause I'm fat. Fuck that. I'm going.

And I have friends that want me to go! And we're gonna have so much fun! And Erin thought that it seemed really stupid to ask off of WORK to go to a water park. But dude, it's so not. That's the kinda thing where people are like "I wish I could take off and go to a water park" or "I wish I had a bunch of friends to go to a water park with." What's a better excuse? Taking off because you needed a day to relax? Taking a day trip? Well, this is a day trip -- this is taking off to take a mini-vacation with your friends. And instead of spending it looking at scenery or something, we're going to spend it dunking each other in the wave pool. It totally trumps all. I hold the position that this is the exact opposite of stupid -- this is insanely cool. I can't wait!

Monday 10:32PM

I saw a commercial with this chick in the jungle surrounded by butterflies. They were all flying around her and she was talking about how it was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen. But you know what -- there's a maximum of butterflies, I think -- where it goes from "pretty!" to "holy shit -- I'm surrounded by flying insects -- AND THEY'RE SWARMING." I feel that she was past that point.

Today was a bad day and I let it get to me. Tonight is a bad night.

I'm bothered by a lot of things. I'm bothered that my mom deserves so much and has so little and that I deserve nothing and have so much. I'm worried that she has so much shit to put up with from every angle. It's not very fair, the way life has treated her. And I wish that I could help ...but I can't. And my prayers for her are starting to turn to anger at God for not helping her and taking care of her.

I'm bothered that I've not done better. I'm mad at myself and seeing myself in a rather bad light. I'm mad that with as good as I have it, there still seems to be so much missing. And I feel that I don't deserve anything I have -- and really, I don't.

I'm mad that I can't seem to please anyone -- not myself and not anyone else.

I'm worried about Tabithas surgery on Friday and I feel super stupid. If something happens to her I'm worried about Jack. Jack really likes her a lot. And they're just cats and I don't want to be the cat lady, dammit.

Last night I laid on the floor because I didn't feel like I deserved to lay in the bed.

Special Delivery

I had some folks over to watch "The Librarian: Return to King Solomons Mines" today. Nathan was too lazy to get up so we used the Roomba to bring him snacks.

Notice the look of absolute joy on my face.

I hope even a small fraction of the awesomeness of this moment comes across in the the picture. I <3 Roomba

Things I would post about if I weren't so lazy.

+ The Shrek glasses at Mcdonalds are awesome. They're very heavy. I like heavy glasses. I'm going to be buying a lot of Mcdondalds...

+ Erin wants to see Shrek for her birthday so we have to wait to see it :(

+ Tonight a bunch of us went to the pool over at their apartment complex. Someone with a stick up their butt felt the need to verify that we live there (they have 4 apartments there between them). Then she came back later and took down all their names and where they lived. Like they're gonna get in trouble now. For doing nothing wrong. Ooooo.

+ My balcony garden ROCKS.

+ This week was super stressful but I'm being listed on one of the projects as a product engineer. Which is freaking awesome.

+ Roomba totally rocks. It works so much better than I ever expected it to - others agree. Roomba is awesome.

Bath Time

Friday Tabitha is going to be spayed. I feel bad :( She has to have a bath so she'll be all clean -- so I can't give her one and not Jack... so they had bathes. They hate bathes. A lot. I got clawed. A lot.

However I have to say -- they're so freaking soft! I always forgot how soft they feel after they've had a bath -- so cuddly. And they think I hate them so they want to sit in my lap and suck up. It's nice.

It has been a long week. Long.

It is finally Friday! Finally! This week has been super long and stressful at work. And I've just wanted to sleep. This weekend I can sleep. A lot.

I missed Grey's Anatomy (and therefore girl's night) last night, and it's a pretty interesting story:

So I was supposed to go to Kelli's at 7:30 for the show. Awesome. I wanted to take a shower and get my clothes ready for Friday before I went (I've been lacking sleep, so I wanted to make sure I got to bed on time). I also decided to go grab dinner with the guys before girl night. So I come home after work and have just enough time to shower and sit on my balcony. On the balcony I hear thunder -- a storms rolling in. On the interstate I see walls of rain in the distance -- the distance I was heading for. It was one of those Alabama downnpours (I love Alabama's freakish rain) right over Madison... where I was going. So I drive straight into the storm and have to run through 3 parking lot rivers to get to the restaurant -- everyone is soaked. Nathan shows up a bit late and informs us that he has locked his keys in the car. And where is the spare? At his apartment. And where is the apartment key? In the car. And where is the spare apartment key? In the apartment. Problem. Nathan doesn't get to go home tonight.

So we decide to have dinner anyway and solve it after. Solving the key problem turns out to take much debating and arguing and all roads lead to us heading back to their apartments anyway, right? I mean, I needed to go see my show ;) So we venture into the downpour to head back to their place(s) -- there's been a shooting in their neighborhood so traffic was slow. We had been warned about this (thanks, Erin!). But after sitting in the turn lane for a good 4 greenlight cycles, we realize something got to be up. Sure, the lanes moving -- but that's just people abandoning hope, not actually turning. So I do what I do -- I get out in the pouring rain and go ask the police what the fuck is goinng on. They inform me that the neighborhood is closed. We can't go in. No one can go in and they're checking everyone who comes out. Nice.

Now for me, this means I don't get to see my show. For them, this means they don't get to go home (not that Nathan could anyway). So we all go over to Chad's and check out the news. Turns out some asshole had an AK47 and shot his dad in the foot then ran away. Because of this, all the apartments were evacuated and a massive neighborhood was completely closed off. ...Because someone got shot in the foot.

Now don't get me wrong -- shooting someone in the foot is very wrong. Very wrong. But it's not like he was on a shooting rampage killing people. I think the manhunt was a little much. They knew who did it, and sure he had a gun -- but even shooting his father, he only went for the foot. Seriously -- it was total overkill. Their neighborhood was closed off from like 5 to 10 because some idiot shot someone in the foot. Am I just insensitive?

Pop me on the back of the hand if I mention buying another plant.

Since I got Jack, having plants has been out of the question. He eats them and knocks them over and then plays in the dirt. This is very sad because I was raised as a gardener. Me and my mom love us some flowers. And now I can have flowers of my own. And I have taken that and run with it.

No more plants... at least not right now.

So far, my gorgeous balcony has a lovely Mexican Blue Bell that just opened its 2 first blooms this morning, a sun fern, a red "Carolina Beauty" CrapeMyrtle, a pot of tulips about to bloom, orange Lilies, Ivy, and dark pink Zenias. Now I have a great spot to sit and some flowers to tend :)

Other than the flowers, this week has already been super stressful. Yesterday I had to leave work to run to the doctor (still switching from Paxil to Prozac). I also had to drive all the way home to pick up my tax refunds to cash them while I was out. You'd think cashing a tax refund at a bank you've had an account with forever would be easy -- you'd be so wrong. My license is expired, so even though I have 2 accounts with them, a school ID, a work ID (both with pictures) and a current US Passport in addition to a license that still has all my info and current picture -- they wouldn't cash it. I had to get a manager and argue with him about it. I wanted to cash it so that it would be deposited instantly instead of being held like last years refund (apparently checks from our government need to be held sometimes) -- I explained that all I wanted out of it was like 40 bucks -- I was gonna turn around and deposit the rest anyway -- and it's not like this bank hasn't dealt with me forever. After much stress and arguing he finally "allowed" me to cash it. Fucking assholes.

So while I was thinking about refunds, I figured I'd also run by and drop off my tax forms to qualify for SNAP's spay program. I've talked to them over the phone and they never felt the need to mention that female pets have to go through the Huntsville Animal Services. So I head there... and get lost. However I notice a little mexican snack joint in the middle of nowhere -- remember this, it'll come into play in a minute. So I find this Animal Services place -- which isn't even in cellphone network -- and they need some paper work that I don't have with me. So I go home -- yet again -- and then return and fill out all the paper work. Because I made so very little at the police department, I got the vouchers for Tabitha's spay and shots and everything for all of 5 bucks. Score! And now that I've already cemented the fact that I was going to have to work really late to make up the time, I figured I'd go back to the Mexican place. They had a huge sign that said "SHAVED ICE." I've been wanting a shaved ice forever! So I ask the woman for a shaved ice -- she doesn't speak English. Neither do the others. They had to go find a person who speaks our language. That person then informed me that they don't serve shaved ice. Cause, you know, it's not like they have it advertised on a huge sign out front or anything. So then I went back to work and stayed super late to make up the time -- sans shaved ice.

Today, I've been caught in a tug-of-war between projects. My full attention is needed on two projects which both supposedly have priority and neither of which can be delayed at all. And they both have legitimate reasons for needing 100% percent of my attention RIGHT NOW. So who wants to tell the losing PM that I can't do their stuff? I've forwarded it off to my bosses to declare -- but I have a feeling I'm gonna catch someones wrath no matter what. Unfortunately, it's looking like the project I prefer is going to lose out -- which will make me personally feel bad because I've been on that project since I started. It's always been clear that it is my top priority. My supervisors were supposed to find me projects to fill my spare time that could be dropped at a moments notice to perform work on the primary project. But now I've been pulled in to do bitch work that should have been done months ago and needed to be done weeks ago on another project which has priority in the company. *sigh* It's stressful. Someone's going to be mad and probably take that out on me - -and unfortunately, it's most likely going to be the guy I like that has been in my corner rooting for me since I started.

Also, I've been anxious, depressed, and flat-out-tired this week. Today I felt so bad that I returned to bed and was 2 hours late to work. A lateness that was not unnoticed. Ugh.

I'm gonna take a shower and then water my flowers...

I am a handy handy woman.

Today (after pool day), I decided to hop over to the Restore Store (it's a Habitat for Humanity building supplies surplus store). Guess what I got? For 5 bucks, I got a aluminum screen -- for a few quarters more, I added on a drawer pull for a handle and a few cabinet hinges. I made and installed a screen door in my bedroom!

I've been wanting to do this forever. I have a balcony, but I can never make use of it really because of the cats. And you can rule out leaving the door open for a nice fresh breeze. But now I can use my balcony and leave the door open all day without a worry! I even bought some plants for the balcony. I HAVE PLANTS. My first own plants! I'm so excited! Jack is super psyched too:


I picked up a Mexican Blue Bell and a fern to start my garden off. Yellow Bells have always been a special plant for me and my mom -- just something I grew up with. So having a Blue Bell is kinda like taking that and making is my own. This makes me happy. Oh, and that gorgeous Mandevilla on the left is for my mom for mothers day.

And to answer a few questions you might have: Yes, Jack spent all day sitting in the door. And Yes, I got that door home in the Beetle. I tried a lot of ways to wedge it into the car and failed miserably. Then I considered strapping it to the roof. I ended up putting it on the bike rack. Yes, I know I totally rock. Yes, it hung off the car a good 2 feet on the sides. No, I didn't drive slow -- I only paid 5 dollars for it and it was kinda fun watching it flap around. The Beetle had wings.


I personally think it is awesome that I can hit play on my laptop, mosey over to the radio while singingly loudly, hook up the appropriate wires, hit power and be on the EXACT SAME note as the song.

I would say this is sad and that I listen to the radio too much, but honestly -- I think it's kinda cool. Damn all my non-marketable skills.

On another note, I keep thinking that if I blast the stereo enough that eventually my ears will take a few hit points and I won't be able to hear people smack so much. I'm years into this little experiment and I still want to strangle the ice chompers.

Hi. I'm Karen.

I think that once I start feeling like a bad friend, an abusive pet-owner, a horrible Christian and a generally all around scum-of-the Earth type person who happens to be disgustingly fat (Seriously, I was fatter than THIS?) and totally atrocious (too ugly to be seen in public -- in fact, I shouldn't be allowed out of the apartment) not to mention unlovable... yeah, I think I should probably just go to bed.

By the way, I had a dream that I really pissed off Martha Stewart. She had a compound like place that had stores and greenhouses and such, right? And she had a greenhouse of orchids (but they weren't really orchids -- they looked more like hibiscus flowers on more of a stout bushy-type plant). No one was allowed to go into the orchid house because they didn't do well this year and she didn't want anyone to see them. Well, I went in anyway -- and she TOTALLY caught me. And I was like "but they don't really look THAT bad" -- and dude, Martha was pissed.

And my hair sucks. And no ones even reading this shit -- it's just a bunch of people searching for fucking penguins on google. And I can't even find that background for myself, thank you -- I KNOW -- it's awesome -- but no, I don't have it anymore. In fact, if you find it -- send it my way. Not that you will.

Bed. Yeah.


From left to right: Nathan (bringer of jobs), Michael, Matt (standing), Erin, Chad (standing), Me, Morgan, Russell, Richard. Picture by Jake.

Here's a Bonus shot of me and Chad with the new mascot:

Both pictures are from Jake's photostream taken on our field trip to Monte Sano. You can see even more pictures (including the cute one of me in a previous post) in Chad's photostream.

Nerds in Nature

Erin: (While sliding a leaf with her foot) "Here -- this will make a pretty background."

Karen: (Inspecting closely) "It looks like a resistor."

Nathan: (Being a smartass) "That's one really accurate resistor"

Karen: "That's because GOD MADE IT."

(Picture by Jake. Title by Chad)

Thoughts, reflections, rambles -- good lord she's pulling out song lyrics.

I've been thinking about relationships lately (not romantic really -- friends & family & others) -- mainly how I form and maintain them. I've been thinking over the ones I have and what expectations I have from them. It's hard for me to trust someone -- that's not something I hand out lightly. And even of the people I trust, I'll withdraw it quickly if I deem need be and they're not likely to get it back. I don't trust people. Note the period. People, in general, are known to suck. They let you down -- constantly. It's quite depressing -- and the less you expect, the less you get hurt when they screw you over.

And really, if someone makes it to the high elite status of having my trust, they don't win prizes -- they get more shit to deal with. Because these are the people I expect things from. These are the people I get disappointed in -- I don't get disappointed in others because, frankly, I expect them to let me down -- a lot. I expect them to fuck me over -- so really I don't care what they do. But if I like you, I get pissy at you. And if you don't think that makes any sense -- here's an example: There are people in this world who can (and do) make me feel like shit -- they think I'm a horrible person and a huge disappointment and dammit, they're gonna call me and curse at me. I can hang up the phone and not worry about it -- but then if one of my "true" friends were to think low of me, I'd have a huge anxiety attack and freak out. Or if they let me down in someway, I will be affected by it. The term "prime culprit" has been used. In a group of people who all did the exact same thing -- why am I pissed at you? Well, I actually had faith for you.

Now, I'm not saying this is OK -- I'm saying this is what the current state of things is. This is observational fact -- not some ideal picture of how I treat people.

So it has occurred to me that I should not punish people with my friendship and trust. They didn't ask for me to let them in. And really -- for most, the end user experience is the same as far as benefits go whether I really like you or not -- I've just changed the algorithms. It's like insurance -- do you want the cheap insurance that reflects your day to day life -- or do you want to go hardcore and pay more for it so when the shit hits the fan you have it -- even if the shit may never actually hit the fan. That's what you get from me. You're paying more out -- and seemingly getting less in return. Sometimes it probably sucks to be my friend.

Man, I suck, eh? Oh wait, am I supposed to be coming 'round to some point or revelation? Yeah, I'm not.

"Your best friend always sticking up for you even when I know you're wrong"

That's what I want. I want a best friend. Or, more accurately, I want to be someone's best friend. I want to be the person you always choose. I want someone who hears "Karen vs Betty" and chooses Karen every freaking time with no additional information needed. I want someone who fights for me. Someone who sticks up for me and chooses my side -- even when it's totally obvious to them that I'm wrong.

And I'm not looking for someone afraid to tell me I'm wrong -- that's not it at all.

I'm looking for the person who sees that the ship is going down -- the iceberg has been hit and there is no hope -- even the rats are jumping ship. And they stand next to you and make some snarky comment about how you REALLY fucked this one up -- and then they pull out a map -- cause if you're going down, we can at least say we gave it a hell of a fight. WE gave it a fight. And then you steer the ship smack into a rock and they just point out that that really wasn't very productive ...but they aren't going anywhere.

The person who sits in the middle of the ruins with you -- not to say anything -- just to let you know that you're not in it alone -- and when you're ready to get up, they're there to be the first hand reaching out.

And sure this sounds like standard love or friendship -- but it's not. And no, I'm not saying I'm looking for this exclusively in a romantic relationship. Really, there are a ton of romantic relationships that don't even have this built in. I'm looking for this friendship -- whether it comes with sex or not.

I'm looking for the person who always chooses me. Who doesn't even consider that it's a choice. They'd rather "fight with me than [be happy] with anyone else." I'm looking for the person who I can always rely on -- someone I can trust. And before you cynically say that that person doesn't exist -- no, they do. I'm one of them... I want to find another...

I want to be someones BEST friend. ...I need a sidekick.

Steak, Mac & Cheese, and Brandon Lee

Tonight is movie night with Jack (& Tabitha). I'm finally getting around to watching "The Crow" (yes, I've seen it -- just want to watch it again). Someone said the other day that is was "just a movie about a gothic superhero." Yeah, and Superman is just a movie about a white superhero. So what? Brandon Lee is hot and he's kicking ass because they messed with his girl.

It's not quite as good as I remember -- but it's still pretty good.


What the fuck? Who knew cows could even do that?

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