Sorry I've not had energy to update much lately. Standing in for a nicely formatted and thought-out post (wait, I do those?), will be this snippit from and email I just wrote to Erin:

"My week is only 1 day in. That is shitty. I've not got that new week rearing to go thing going on. I want to sleep and zone out and generally be REAL lazy. Even more than usual. And you know how I
got sick at Nathans after the video game? Well apparently that is going to be my bodys full on reaction to moving lights now. Driving at night sucks too. So does scrolling on the computer. No movey the lights. Do not like. Do not want. Makes my head hurt way too much, my eyes feel like concrete and my stomach want to be spit forth from my body. Just so you know.

Plus I'm super paranoid. A lot. Mustn't think so much. Mustn't form elaborate scenarios in head about people hiding things from me.

Oh and I totally fucked over dinner tonight. I was going to make the best soup ever. EVAR ever. I looked up a knock-off recipe for McAllisters Chicken Tortilla Soup. Went to the store and bought almost 30 dollars worth of ingredients. Fresh Cilantro, REAL onions, fresh garlic -- the works! I cooked up the chicken and my god it was perfect -- I sauteed my onions (through the tears) with my fresh
pureed garlic and REAL butter. Used real Half & Half -- bought the boxed chicken stock like they use on the food network. Chopped fresh herbs. I mean dude, I was rocking it.

I don't have much experience with cream based soups though. Well, I made one before and ruined it in the exact same way i ruined this one -- but I didn't know what happened. Apparently if you boil it too
long the milk separates or something? Yeah. Ruining 30 dollars worth of food and 2 gallons of gourmet soup after over an hours worth of work SUCKS. I threw it away. I ate a bowl -- it was OK, but I knew
I'd not eat any more of it. I ruined it. Tossed it all. Complete failure. Bummer."

On a more positive note, after bitching out my symptoms in writing -- I've made a great connection. It's motion sickness! The moving lights are giving me motion sickness! That's a common symptom of withdrawal. And you know what -- they make motion-sickness pills! I know this sounds obvious -- but it wasn't. This morning I was trying to do a code peer review which involves lots of scrolling through code on the computer -- I was about to pass out. Literally. I took 2 extra strength tylanol, 2 Alieve, and 2 Advil with-in about 2 hours trying to cut the headache. They didn't work. I'm so picking up seom motion-sickness pills on the way to work in the morning. Yay!

Oh and also. I bought the kitties a tunnel to play in. I was afraid they wouldn't like it. Now I wish it didn't make that damn crinkly sound.

(7 days and counting on the psych-med switching)


Blogger Tel said...

I just bought Zoey the kitty tunnel, too, and she's not crazy about it. She doesn't even sleep in her kitty bed anymore! Instead, she loves to sleep on our king sized bed, at our feet and right by my head. Dang.

11:45 PM  

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