Happy Saturday!

Today went well. I had everyone over to my place to watch "The Librarian" which was hilarious. I also prepared a wonderful meal of fettucini alfredo with chicken (which marinated over night in olive oil and fresh herbs) and fresh steamed broccoli. The garlic bread was even made with a homemade spread of butter, olive oil, fresh chopped garlic and fresh herbs. Oh, and did I mention the homemade cream-cheese cake (with strawberries) a-la the family holiday recipe? Uhuh. Twas awesome.

And I got a present! In honor of my shiny new permanent status at work, Erin gave me this:

Isn't it perfect!? I love it.

Also, my two-for-tuesday woot arrived this morning. AND I went in to the office tonight and finished up my work so I won't have to go in tomorrow! Yay for good days!

In fact, it was such a good day that I'll save the bitching for a later post ;)


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