Funniest thing I heard this week

As heard from an over-stressed engineer who just found out there's another change request on their project:

"It's a LABLE! ... STOP PRODUCTION! We have a sticker problem."

Please read that in the most sarcastic tone possible. In fact -- call me and let me say it just like he did. Cause I was in total respect of his humor through bitter-anger moment. It was one of those one of those things someone says that was just so perfect that they become remembered for it and quoted. It's a shame no one else seemed to appreciate it.

From now on, his name in my head shall be... Sticker Man.

**PS: As another note, I was testing a piece of equipment whose current hardware fix involves wadded up notebook paper and duct tape. I fear that most of the humor at work is wasted on people who just don't appreciate it. Actually, I fear that most of the humor of my daily life is wasted because I've no one to recount it to.


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