Ok, I know this is supposed to be Roomba's "special" time with the charger, but I couldn't help putting some batteries in the remote and firing it up... just for a second.

The amount of cat hair that that thing picked up in -- literally -- 2 square feet is absolutely disgusting. This coupled with the discussion I had tonight about dirty bathrooms means I must now go into a cleaning frenzy.

Seriously -- I think it came prefilled with cat hair. how is there that much cat hair under my table? I can't even SEE IT.

I'm horrified.

I guess at least we know it works. Really really well.


Anonymous Leah said...

did you have a vacuum before, or is this the first time vacuuming?

glad to hear it's impressive. give us more reports over time. maybe I'll pick one up; a robot vacuum would be awesome :-)

11:03 AM  

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