Evil Fed-Ex Bastards.

So I'm finally getting my roomba. A ROBOT THAT CLEANS MY HOUSE. I'm excited, right?

Well, Fed-Ex tried to deliver it yesterday and instead of leaving it at the front office (which they have to walk past to get to my apartment), they left a note that they missed me. So today I leave a big ass note on my door telling them that the front office will sign for it. So I leave work early so I can rush home and get to the front office to pick it up before they close. No package. I call Fed-Ex. I'ts out for delivery. 6:30pm -- still no package. I call Fed-Ex again. They apparently have until 8pm to deliver it.

WHAT THE HELL? So you literally have to wait all fucking day? This is worse than cable installations! And I'm going to a movie at 6:50! So do I wait and hope that the Roomba will come -- or do I go to my movie and possibly miss the delivery again because the fucking Fed-Ex bastards didn't decide to do their job and deliver the fucking package until 8pm?


I was supposed to get it tonight and plug it in so that it would be charged and ready to play with in the morning. I even ordered a pizza to celebrate. I have a pizza. I do not have a Roomba. BASTARDS.

I'm so not going to be able to enjoy my movie because of this.

UPDATE: exactly 15 minutes after I left for the movie (which was 20 minutes after I was supposed to meet everyone -- but don't worry, I called them) -- Fed-Ex delivered the Roomba. At 6:55PM. BUT WAIT! Right after posting this, I had a stroke of genius -- I could get my neighbor to accept the package for me! HA! She called me just as I pulled up to the theater to inform me of its arrival. WOOT! ROOMBA!


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