Contentment and ellipses go well together -- don't you think?

Sometimes, rarely -- I admit, I get this odd feeling of contentment. A fleeting thought that things really are wonderful. I can pinpoint two things that usually spur these moments (judge not):

1. Right before bed when I turn off the TV and turn on the radio to listen to in the shower. Then iTunes sucks me in and I get to loudly sing along to songs that are over a decade old now -- whose every note I know by heart (seriously, ask Crystal). And I get to listen to them loudly and sing loudly -- as late as I want -- and no one complains... cause I have my own place...

2. Bed time after I've picked up the house, cleaned the litterbox, fed and watered the kitties and set all my alarms. I load the dishwasher and start it and then crawl under the covers -- I can hear the mechanical swooshing and it sounds far away... and I feel like I've taken care of everything and done all that's expected of me.

Also, here's 2 bonus moments I can remember from my kittys:

1. Saturday when I decided an afternoon nap was called for before everyone came over. I had been on the couch with the laptop and the kittens were snuggled up on the futon (this is the way of things in my apartment). I went and got under the covers and I called them: "KITTENS! NAP TIME!" And they both came running into the bedroom -- and curled up together right against my back. It made me very happy.

2. A while back right before bed when I was kneeling on the floor and saying my evening prayers. When I finished I realized both the kittens were sitting next to me -- all three of us neatly spaced and lined up facing the same direction next to the bed in the dark. It was a very touching moment... I thought so at least...


Blogger Tel said...

Aren't furry-purries wonderful? They love their mama!

4:57 PM  

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