The beetle stress balls will bring me the man with the heart above his head.

Friday we saw Hot Fuzz at the theater. I wasn't really too excited to see it, but damn -- I'm glad I did. It was awesome! If you loved Shaun of the Dead, you will not be disappointed -- I think Hot Fuzz is just as good. In fact, I think I shall go see it again.

Saturday we went Hiking/Camping/Geocaching on Monte Sano. I didn't spend the night though. I had really almost convinced myself that I was going to camp out with the guys -- but then when I saw how dark it was -- like absolute darkness all around you -- I canceled that plan. There was a definite lack of nightlights among the trees.

Sunday I cleaned. Hardcore cleaned. I had to prep my house for the Roomba -- and I went all out. I scrubbed the floors and the tub and everything -- and of course, I pulled out the vacuum (yes, I have a real vacuum too) so Roomba can just keep up with the maintenance cleaning. My house is now up to -- and possibly beyond -- the cleanliness standard I held before I started working so fucking much. It makes me happy. I even put the brand new 460-count Egyptian-Cotton sheets I got for my Birthday on the bed. I'm going the sleep well tonight.

Plus, I went to the grocery store and made the best beef-stew ever. Potatoes, carrots, beef, onions and peas -- all in huge chunks (well, not the peas). I did it in the crock-pot and holy-crap, I totally rock.

And the Roomba is so much more awesome than I ever imagined.


Anonymous Leah said...

aww, you can get a camping nightlight that runs on batteries. you totally should. camping is the best.

and yay geocaching. I've always wanted to do that :-)

10:37 PM  
Anonymous Crystal said...

That is funny, but I'd do the same thing. Thanks for the birthday card. You're a great friend. Can't wait to see your Rooma ;) ;)

4:20 PM  

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