So tonight I was updating my calendar (I have to keep a wall calendar to remind me of what to do when -- I'm not good with remembering some things). I was checking off the bills that have been paid and filling in times of things I'm supposed to go to. I just filled out some birthday cards, nurses day cards, and my mother's mother's day card and was going to mark when I should mail everything, right? Well guess what I did.

I knew that Cole's birthday is Monday and Cindy's birthday is later in the week. I usually don't give my siblings presents because I'm usually poor, but this time I got Cindy a really sweet sentimental present. Tonight I wrapped it up with a card and addressed the package. Now what day should I mail it...


Her birthday isn't until NEXT month. In fact, it's over a month away. It's CRYSTAL'S birthday that is next week. And I already made my Hallmark card trip -- hell, I've even bought my other sisters Birthday card and that's over 2 months away. But I don't have the card I need for next week. This bothers me greatly. Plus I've got my sisters present and I hate waiting to give people presents. And I can't even tell her that I already got her present cause then she'll get mad that I forgot what month her Birthday was. And what if the card I wrote, sealed and packaged in a box that has been wrapped and also sealed is no longer relevant in a month? Dammit.

Also, I've got 3 boxes of Hamburger Helper and 3 bottles of ketchup. No, that's not random -- it's totally related. I kept buying them because I kept forgetting that I already bought them.

It is apparently time for me to start making more lists and writing more things down.


Anonymous Erin said...

I have 4 bags of shredded mozzerella in my fridge for the same reason. Think it would go ok on your hamburger helper with a side of ketchup?

10:56 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Dude, I could use some shredded mozzerella! I've got tons of pasta stuff -- all kinds of noodles, sauce, beef ravioli, meatballs -- I could make a great pasta dinner one night and smother it in cheese and justify it because you gave it to me and it was gonna go bad otherwise.

Oh, or I could do a chicken casserole or even jsut plain chicken... smothered in cheese.

Or you could freeze it. Can you freeze cheese? Or actually -- now that I think of it -- cheese lasts forever. Check the dates on the bags - I bet they're good for months. I found some (unopened) cheese in my fridge the otherday that had appaerntly been put in a drawer (I don't use the drawers) and I was about to throw it away when I realized that it was still good. Score!

At least ketchup and HH last forever.

11:25 PM  
Blogger Tel said...

I'm a huge fan of lists. I also have a wall calendar (fancy chickens) that I update with a buttery, fine-tipped Sharpie.

You can totally freeze cheese, BTW.

8:19 PM  

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