Tornadoes in Enterprise.

I just want to say that my heart goes out to the people of Enterprise, Alabama. I know that anyone who has lived in Alabama long has seen first hand the damage that tornadoes can do. Still, with 24 years of experience I've always made light of them. As children we rejoiced when school let out for the warnings and as an adult I've never taken caution. Even yesterday, I didn't even consider leaving work to get home before they hit. Yesterday's tragedy has shown me how idiotic not taking proper precautions is.

For some reason, this is just really hitting me hard -- and I've not even seen the news coverage first hand. My heart especially goes out to the school superintendent who made the decision of when to let out. It's just a tragedy.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, I apologize but I do not have time to look up an article for you. Yesterday, as countless days before it, a string of bad storms brought tornadoes through Alabama. I know that here in Huntsville, even UAH closed -- and that is very rare. The school in Enterprise was to be let out early at 1 when a tornado struck just minutes before that. At least 6 students died when the roof collapsed and many more were injured. My mother told me about an interview with one of the high school seniors who personally carried out the bodies of 2 little girls... No one should have to go through that -- especially at such a young age. Yall are all in my prayers.


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