This Week in Karen's Life

Saturday: Richard's Birthday celebration @ Shogun's

Sunday: Biked 3+ miles with Nathan (who picked me & the bike up), Chad, and Matt in Edgewater (where most everyone but me lives). They ride much faster than me. It kicked my ASS. Then we went on the great dinner search which consisted of at least 8 various plans, driving all over both Huntsville & Madison, being offered microwaved Pizza @ a bar and ending up at an unnamed awesome sports bar somewhere on 72. Then we had Ice Cream cones :)

Monday: Work...

Tuesday: Work + Bike rack came! Bike 3+ miles @ UAH

Wednesday: Work (with bonus lunch @ TGI Fridays) + Bike 3+ miles in Edgewater with Nathan, Richard, Matt, Chad, & Lauren. Cooked dinner for everyone @ Nathans

Thursday: Work + bonus picnic-style lunch with work buddies. Dyed Easter Eggs :)

Friday: Bike 8+ (yes EIGHT) miles with Chad on Trail in Madison (which Chad hath discovered). Crystal spends the night -- Tai restaurant for dinner.

Saturday: Bike 8+ (yes EIGHT) miles with Chad, Crystal, and Matt. Set out on search for unnamed sports bar somewhere on 72 -- find it, register name as Indigo Joes, decide it's now my FAVORITE group restaurant. Hit the mall with Crystal (Don't worry Erin, she made me go -- no shopping was actually done). Movie night with Jack (a long lost tradition in my apartment).

Sunday: Wash Laundry. Clean apartment (Hardcore). Watch recorded Grey's & have dinner with Erin. Possibly bike in Madison later?

So this week, I've biked well over 25 miles. I'm so proud of myself! And both Friday AND Saturday, I biked over 8 miles. EIGHT MILES. That has to be the furthest I've ever moved under my own power in my entire life! I'm so proud of myself! And granted, it totally kicked my butt. My legs were jello and my ass is sore -- but I went 8 miles! Twice! Thanks Chad for helping me push myself that far :)


Anonymous Leah said...

that's so awesome! you make me want to get a bike here.

11:17 PM  
Blogger Chad said...

and thank you for making me get my bike back out :)

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Crystal said...

Thanks for allowing me to tag along! I had a fun weekend and it felt longer than a normal weekend (which is beleive it or not a good thing). Hope this week is even better 8>)

7:40 AM  

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