My bike rack came today. I just strapped my spiffy new bike to my spiffy blue Beetle and took it over to UAH to ride. I rode 3 miles ...and it kicked my ass. Much like the 3 or 4 miles that kicked my ass Sunday when I went riding with the guys (haha, I can say "the guys" with purpose). It's not the hills or the powering around that gets me -- it's that my legs just don't want to go up and down that much. I know, I'm pathetic. But I'll get better. Two years ago, I couldn't even walk a mile and look how far I've come from that. So this shall be the same (It's company policy to use "shall" statements as much as possible everywhere all the time).

Tomorrow I'm taking it to work with me along with a change of clothes so I can take a ride before I come home. The weather is perfect for it. I'm excited :)


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