You know, at this very point in my life, I have more friends than I ever had before -- and not just acquaintances or friends of convenience but people I really care about -- people I want to invest in -- and they care about me as well. I've also got a much busier social life than ever before. I'd say this really is a pretty high point of my life --- maybe even THE high point. Everyone I know seems to have all these great college memories and stories but I didn't have that. But I've got this :)

Believe me -- every day, I thank God for gracing me with my friends. I prayed for people in my life for a long time -- and I never expected to have anything even close to this. I figured I had missed my chance for a social group -- God proved me wrong.

I didn't start this post with that in mind though. What I started this post for was to brag about how I got to eat at Shogun the other night. Everyone knows I'm SUPER picky about food. I like my food processed with easily identifiable, well-cooked ingredients. However, I don't want to miss out on the fun when everyone goes out. So since I have such wonderful people to eat out with so often, I end up eating at all sorts of places. And I've been enjoying them -- with a little help, I can always find SOMETHING I'll be happy to eat. I enjoyed eating at Shoguns -- I didn't even pick at my food (Impressive, no?). I've also been able to enjoy another Japanese restaurant, Tai food, German food, Indian food -- all sorts of places I'd never have eaten before. I'm like all adult now... ;)

PS: You see what happens when people take candid pictures without warning? I look great in the first picture there (woot!) -- but what the hell were you doing, Nathan?


Anonymous Erin said...

Holy Crap! That picture must go. Do you hate me?

8:46 AM  

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