I have something to confess. One (of a few) of the reasons I bought the Daughtry album was because he looks so fucking hot in those jeans on the cover. Let me explain:

There. You see what I mean? *swoon*

I didn't know this guy was from American Idol (no, I don't watch the show -- I happen to get very annoyed by it and its hardcore fans). I remember hearing his version of Fuel's Hemorrhage and thinking how awesomely he sang it (and I wasn't the only one -- the next week Fuel offered him a contract as their new lead singer. He's THAT good). I also remember hearing that he turned down Fuel's offer and thinking that not only was he an ENORMOUS GIGANTIC moron, but that we -- the fans -- were really missing out on something that could have been great (I <3 Fuel). Now, tonight I go browsing iTunes (dude, music just sucks me in -- iTunes slays me) and end up downloading his CD.

Man. He can sing AND he's hot. And he looks awesome in those jeans. I think I've found a new thing I like -- guys in jeans that have that PERFECT fit. I'm serious. I've always had a thing for arms and guys in PJ pants -- now I have a thing for sexy jeans ...apparently. Can I get this on a poster or something? I just want to look at him and put "It's not Over" on repeat ... and look at him ... in those jeans.


Man, maybe I should be shopping for guy jeans -- they come in nice heavy denim with no stretch (no stretch = important) AND sexy bootcut. I this something I should consider?


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