Cheers to a new week.

So, I've been in my self loathing hissy fit for the better part of my weekend. But at least my apartments all clean now! Yay for my clean apartment! Of course it's 10:30 -- and I've yet to shower and put up my laundry... but the counters (sink & toilet too) are sparkling and the carpet has nice little vacuum lines all over it.

Oh and I finally swept the broken glass (from when someone broke into the apartment above mine) from the balcony. I've also managed to block the balcony door with a window and leave the door open to let in a fresh breeze without sacrificing my cats.

So when I first moved in, I tried to get permission to surround the balcony in screen of chicken wire so jack could be allowed outside. They wouldn't let me... but I just had a GENIUS idea. I'm going to make a roman shade of chicken wire and hang it above the door in my bedroom -- THAT way I can be on the balcony or leave the door open and just roll that down and not even have to worry about the cats getting run over. I'M A GENIUS. I can even put some nice breezy fabric on the inside of it so it will be functional AND pretty. Genius, I tell you. I get to enjoy my balcony this spring! Holy shit -- I can have FLOWERS!

The weather is lovely -- perfect for short sleeves in the day and a light jacket in the evening. Now we'll have longer days too -- and I'll have a bike to ride. Tis going to be a good week. I declare that it's going to be a good week, dammit. Good week.


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