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Tonight I was so tempted to buy a bike. I browsed through a few at Walmart (I know: evil blah blah corporate bastards blah blah mom and pops). I was extremely tempted. I told myself I could have one when I got down to a size 18 (that happened a while ago). I also want to lose just a tiny bit more and the exercise mode I'd most prefer would be a bike. And come this summer, I MIGHT be able to convince some friends to ride with me (not counting on that). Also, some days after work when I've been in my cube all day, I just want to go out and walk or something. I rode Nathan's bike the other day -- it was fun but his was way too tall for me.

Of course the only places I could really ride would be my friend's neighborhood and the UAH campus (I work right by it). Riding in my neighborhood is 100% out of the question for a number of reasons (personal safety, high traffic, hills my lazy ass doesn't want to deal with). Also, I would have to buy a bike rack -- unless there is some chance it could fit in the Beetle with the seats down. This is a possibility -- I'll have to grab someone else's bike and try it. If it fits and it's not too horribly hard to get in and out, then I'm sold. If not, however, then I'll have to get a bike rack. I'm thinking that this wouldn't be too cute on the Beetle.

The man at Walmart showed me a couple of different bikes. The one I liked the most is pink. Not a womanly pink but a teenage girl pink -- not something I can respectably ride as a 24-year-old woman. Why are all the women's bikes pink or purple? Maybe I'd like a nice dark blue to match my car -- or just black or silver or something, you know?

Also, the man at Walmart says that I should get a 24 inch wheel because I have shorter legs. I think he might be right. He beat around the bush on that for a long time -- he didn't want to offend me by implying that I was short. I told him I'd not take offense and that I'd like a bike that fit me. He was 100% sure I should go with a 24 inch. He also asked me if I had family in California because I looked exactly like a friend he used to have. I told him i'd take that as a compliment. He told me I should because we were both gorgeous. How fucking awesome is that? Here I was feeling like I looked like a hippo hopping on and off of bikes and this guy is hitting on me. Score!

BTW, not only was I feeling especially unattractive playing with bikes (BTW, seriously -- I'm afraid I might be too fat for a bike and just no one will tell me. How does one determine these things?) -- but I glanced at a chart that had the weight limit of different bikes. 275lb max on 26", 240 on 24" -- etc. Then I got really bummed because I had had my heart set on getting a bike... Then as I walked away, I realized wait a sec... I'm way below that! It was nice.


Anonymous Leah said...

not commenting to blast on walmart but to recommend that you check out a local bike shop to see if they have any used (read: cheaper) bikes

Also, you are totally not too heavy for a bike. People far heavier than you bike everywhere in Europe. So pay it no mind at all.

You should check around and look for bike paths in your area -- I'm sure there's got to be parks and such with paths that you can use for biking.

As for the bike rack, you should be able to find one that attaches to your trunk area and can be removed when you're not using it. My brother has one, and he really likes it b/c it doesn't mess up the look of his car when he isn't using it.

8:50 PM  
Blogger Lemming Leader said...

I have a mens bike. I'm a complete tomboy and that pink or purple thing just isn't happening for me. Mine fits me well and it's a nice deep blue colour that I really like. Don't limit yourself just to the womens bikes.

1:33 AM  
Anonymous Crystal said...

You horrible person! Walmart! What are you thinking? We’re all going to owe them our retirement packages when we’re old and they take over….couldn’t resist. I know I live a tad bit away, but on the weekends when I don’t have Ash I am all about riding some bikes! NO JOKE…just need to get one. Biking sounds like a great idea for you, with your flat feet running isn’t going to bode well on those dogs. Hey, so there’s a fancy smanzy bike store across from where I work. Come up some time and we can look in there. Maybe then you’ll find everything down to those cute tight shorts those old men wear. Tip…I was told that you don’t wear underwear in them…great to know when you pass them on the interstate.

8:56 AM  

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