I'm psyched that NBC and ABC have started posting their shows for free online. This means that even though I can't make it home in time to watch -- I can still get caught up before next week -- which is awesome. This means that if you tell me what happens on the Heros or Grey's Anatomy that I might not have watched yet -- there will be hell (or you) to pay. Don't mess up my Grey's Anatomy.

Speaking of -- did you SEE last weeks? My lord I can't WAIT for this weeks. *SPOILER WARNING* -- You know Derek is gonna save her -- they foreshadowed it when he kissed her and said and "I AM your night in shinning whatever." And like she's in any real danger -- the shows named after her -- she's not going anywhere. She might end up missing and in a coma -- but Derek is TOTALLY saving her ass. And I'm gonna fantasize about it for days.

Speaking of fantasies, I'm gonna be real sexist and inappropriate here: *SEXIST AND INAPPROPRIATE WARNING* This working full time, going to school then coming home to make your own dinner sucks. (Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the job). And it doesn't just suck for us girls -- it sucks for the guys too. And you know what -- we used to have this shit figured out. Girls got to wear pretty dresses and jewelry and you guys went to work then came home to your wife who provided you with three things: Clean house, good food, and sex. Working all day isn't so bad when you get to come home to a warm dinner and sex, now is it? And then the damn feminists had to step in and ruin everything. Now we wear pants and work all day -- what the fuck? Take back my vote! I want the cooking and cleaning and the sex, dammit. I voted for Bush last election anyway -- I don't even DESERVE IT.

Also, I was just doing Karate kicks in the kitchen (hey, I live alone -- don't ask questions). This isn't a good idea when you're wearing silk stockings on a linoleum floor. No traction. It's kinda like kick back or something. Yeah -- ass busted. That'll hurt the ego.


Anonymous Leah said...

for the dinner thing, I find it really helpful to make one or two dishes on the weekend that I can reheat during the week. Sure, it's not as nice & different as making dinner every single night, but it's totally a time savings.

grey's anatomy last week -- omg. I was literally sobbing by the end of the show (which was really bad, since my friend and I watched the show in our office on my macbook, so I had to go out and face people when it was done). It really hit me super hard. That ferry dock? I used to hang out there regularly. All that stuff was totally shot in my old stamping grounds. It was really, really hard to watch that episode.

I do love the fact that ABC/NBC shows are free. My roommate and I next year might not get cable simply b/c who needs the extra cost when you can just watch on the internet? I figure I can go to someone else's house if I really have to see something that's on cable.

8:15 AM  
Anonymous Leah said...

PS you know that, deep down, if you were *required* to be a housewife, you'd be totally disgruntled. At least, on some level. But I have to agree that sometimes it's tempting to just say "hell, why can't I wear pretty dresses and keep a meticulously clean house?"

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Jim said...

*standing ovation*

Almost up to the present, by the way.

6:49 PM  
Blogger M. said...

Yes-I love catching Heroes online, and free.. Especially when the DVR machine drops the last 45 seconds of the episode.

As for the "fantasy", I don't think that it's inappropriate at all. The truth is that there's work in the home and out of the home, both are necessary. It would be nice if I didn't have to do both myself or by myself. Cleaning and cooking is fun to me, but if I had a choice, I'd rather not be the one working in the home.

4:56 AM  

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