Well fuck you too.

I just came home to a note on my door. It's a letter -- my landlords are exercising their right to terminate my lease with 60 day notice. But look -- they've included a new lease which I can sign to stay... all I have to do is sign on for another whole year from April... with a rent increase. FUCKERS.

So I had until May to decide if I was staying in my ghetto or moving somewhere safer -- now I've got a month. DAMMIT. As if I didn't already spend the majority of the day wanting to vomit and then hurt myself because I'M SUCH A BAD PERSON.

*sigh* At least I hung out with friends tonight instead of coming home to sulk in my shittiness. It's nice to be able to sit next to someone you just told how depressed you are in silence and watch your favorite show without them trying to check you into a psych ward. Sometimes a little company (with people who like you -- as is) is all you want. Thank you sweet little baby Jesus for sending me wonderful friends.

And dude, what the hell is the point of a lease sealing your rent agreement if they can cancel your lease and make you pay more or move out whenever they want? And even with the rent increase, it's still cheaper here than anywhere else... Can I afford much more? Is it worth it? Dammit, now I've got to make a decision much sooner than previously thought.

PS: Work is still awesome, just so you know.


Blogger Tel said...

That is really shitty.

2:41 PM  
Anonymous Jim said...

I'm really not sure this is legal. Do you know someone fluent in law who can look over your lease?

3:48 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

We have to sign new leases at the Landing too. Scuttlebutt says it's due to new hotel laws that apply additional fees for leases of <= 6 months. I've been renting month-to-month now (after my lease expired) with an eye towards possibly moving out by the summer .. so having to sign a new 7 month lease isn't really what I wanted to do.

In your situation, the Alabama Code says a minimum of 10 days notice is required.. so they're at least not trying to fist you in every way possible. But it does suck.

Maybe it would be worthwhile taking a look around in the next 60 days.. if you find someplace you like more, we'll help you move :)

8:37 PM  
Blogger Karen said...


I can't believe you just offered to help me move! *HUGS*

Though I can't afford much more rent -- much less new security and pet deposits... So I'm most likely stuck where I am :( Yalls apartments are too expensive so me moving over there isn't gonna happen -- though it would totally ROCK if I did. But yeah, looking around won't hurt...

8:47 PM  
Blogger Lemming Leader said...

Such is the problem with renting. In my experience you can pretty much expect your rent to go up every time your lease is up and it's well within their rights to do so.

If at all possible maybe think of finding a house with a friend? I know you didn't like living in the dorm but having an entire house to share with someone you like is quite a bit different than being stuck in a tiny dorm apartment with some chinese chick who barely speaks english and leaves fish sitting on the counter.

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Crystal said...

Want me to print this and aske my dad (a lawyer) if it is really legal? Oh and that baby Jesus comment...the nascar movie with Will Farrel....loved that movie! Take this and make some lemonaid. You've got a new kick ass job and maybe your standard of living should increase. Shop around and see if there is better out there now. Just trying to look on the birght side here.

11:35 AM  

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