It's been a long and wonderful two weeks. And I'm glad to have had time this weekend to catch up on my sleep. I think I slept a bit too much... but with all the wonderfulness I've had going on, I don't even have to beat myself up about it. That's nice.

It's been a long while since I got to stay in my PJs all day, blast good music on my radio and dance around the (filthy) house with Jack. I feel good about things. Lots of things that run the gauntlet -- some new, some old -- but things just seem either good or OK. Nothings catastrophic -- good things are on the horizon.

And lots of people who care about me are really happy for me. For one, it's odd to have so many people around who care about me. I'm not used to that. It's also kinda awkward yet fuzzy that they're all genuinely made happy by the fact that I'm happy. My moms all emotional -- my friends are happy/proud and in genuine smile mode simply because I'm thrilled. It's like I've been this long standing software/hardware project that they finally got to compile and run. They're happy that I'm not bummy -- not because of something I did for them... They're just happy for me. It's actually a really great feeling in and of itself.

And Kelli gave me a desk calendar. CAUSE I HAVE A DESK. I never had a desk calendar or a desk before. They're very nifty things, you know. And it's Far Side so it humors me. I plan to wallpaper parts of my cube with my favorites ;)

Now I shall clean my apartment. I've been so freaking busy that it's an absolute mess. I'm gonna cook dinner too. And wash laundry. And then I'll feel even better!


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