A walking distraction.

One more day in my second week of work. Still going well. I'm doing more coding then I thought they'd let me -- which is awesome. He hasn't even checked my last few revisions, I just told him when I was finished and he told me to upload them. Now, that's a pretty big deal considering this is my second week there -- if I upload changes, well then the old documents are replaced -- meaning if I screwed it up then now it's screwed.

And contrary to what SOME PEOPLE might imply, I've gotten more work done then was expected or asked of me in far less time than was expected. My only worry is that the person I'm working under is the only one who knows the great work I'm doing -- and he has nothing to do with whether or not I get hired on long term or not.

And when did I learn how to do all this? I never paid any attention in class -- well, I paid attention in Java, but this is C. And tonight I was blowing time reading magazines before class and overheard some people having serious programming problems. I ended up tutoring 6 people for an hour. And they thought I was a freaking genius -- and yeah, I knew the stuff they were doing like the back of my hand and was able to offer more examples and down-to-earth explaining. So I asked them what class they were in -- 307. Yep, the class I bombed last semester. God that's sad. What's also sad is that I'm 24 and still a long time from my degree. They assumed I was a graduate student -- and people at work assume I'm graduating this semester. It's really a big downer and makes me ashamed... But then so much good is happening to me right now that I shouldn't let that bring me down. Things are what they are. I'm still doing great -- and have a better job than a lot of people get AFTER they get the degree.

And recently more than one person (one of which didn't even know me) has expressed that they don't see me staying single long. WTF? This guy I was helping with C++ tonight said that most of his time was spent between work and his girl -- and I said that luckily I don't have such problems. He couldn't believe I was single and said he couldn't see me staying that way long. I was like YEAH RIGHT -- Ms 24 and never had a boyfriend over here. Seriously -- what. the. fuck.

Oh, and I hung the pretty painting in my cube. So cute! Thanks for all the compliments (though i get the feeling Nathan didn't like it in person as much as he liked it in pictures -- which just means I get to keep it). And to Peg -- girl, I'm poor -- of course I'd sell paintings. It's caught a lot of attention -- which is kinda creepy because dude, it's bad enough that everyone who walks down the hall has a straight on view of me -- but they peek over the walls too. Someone came in and said it had caught their eye -- what the hell man? How the hell did that catch your eye? And why were you looking over my walls? I need a foot stool so I can look over the walls too. I'll tell you what -- I'm already the paranoid type that doesn't like people watching me. I always sleep with a door shut because I don't want people looking at me while I'm all non-composed and asleep. So you can imagine how this whole cube thing is working out. Of course I love my cube. Cause it's my cube. I have a cube -- isn't that fun?

One last thing: I got a shirt at Old Navy last night. A dress shirt. A black tuxedo shirt -- one of their nicer ones. Heavy black fabric with silk "tuxedo style" center -- and super cute triple-button cuffs. Totally work appropriate. Guess how much I got it for? NINETY-SEVEN CENTS. Yes. 97 cents. $0.97 -- How freaking cool is that? That's got to be the best deal I've ever gotten. The fabric is worth more than that! I wouldn't have paid full price for it -- the shoulders fit me funny -- but hell, there's no way I wasn't going to buy it. I even wore it to work today :)

*sigh* I'm already half-an-hour late to get in bed. There just isn't any time for ANYTHING anymore.


Anonymous Crystal said...

What is coding? It feels good when other’s trust and have confidence in you. I am glad that you’re getting that so soon-Go Karen. That whole prove yourself, make yourself indispensable, but be recognized for it is the real chore of working. I screwed myself in that arena. Maybe you can learn to play that game better than I did. Best of luck to you! Cube world is NO FUN, no privacy, and no windows, but for some reason having one is an honor. Let’s aim for an office, though I will never get one where I am working now. I am glad that you are happy Karen.

7:55 AM  
Blogger Peg said...

i share a cube with one of my best friends. We were just thrown together when she was hired, but now I couldn't really imagine a day without rolling back to share secrets or laugh at other people. My side is right next to the door so people can see me while they are waking down the hallway.

Email me at allsbonbongirl at gmail dot com about that painting or one like it. I am really really really interested.

9:26 AM  

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