+ There is not enough time in the day -- not enough at all. Well, not in my day anyway. I guess this is punishment for all the time I wasted before. Damn, I've got a lot of punishment coming to me.

+ Tonight I had an hour after work and before class. I went to Old Navy but was too down to shop. Went to Office Max in search of stress balls. Didn't find any. Went to Linins & Things and had a handful of things I needed -- a dish brush, a lasagna pan, a measuring cup and a can opener. Then I put them all back and walked out. Dude, I don't even want to eat. ME. I really gotta work on this getting sane thing -- cause I should be on top of the world and there's no good reason for me not to be. None at all. I went to class though!

+ Why can't you buy a freaking stress ball? I can't find free ones or ones that cost money. Dude, I just want some stress balls for my cube.

+ If the equipment fails this much in the freaking air-conditioned lab where we are careful not to touch it or jostle it -- how the HELL does this survive in the field? No, seriously -- and why aren't we testing this is anyway that resembles how it's going to be used?

+ My teacher actually remembers my name. From the bullshit 102 class I took 3 years ago. I think I just surfed Fark for that entire class. And she remembers me -- and she remembered what class it was and how long ago it was and everything. Creepy.

+ I got a 87.5 on my test. I stuck it on the fridge.

+ Why do I always convince myself that I don't know the details of how a MUX works when it's like the simplest fucking thing. And then I always go -- Oh yeah -- THAT. Because I'm retarded.

+ I'm NOT a bad driver, dammit.

+ I actually had the idea to write a program to do what I was assigned to do. And I actually knew how to do that. That's scary. Dude, where did I learn all this shit? I totally wrote the program too -- I'm using it tomorrow morning.

+ Pouring a bottle of near-frozen water from the trunk on your iced over windshield = bad idea .. even if it IS natural spring water.

+ I got lost on the way to work today. No shit. I was trying to find a quicker way -- but I neglected to know the important fact that Jordan Lane turns into Patton Road. Seriously -- why do roads have to change names -- it's the same road it should be the SAME NAME.

+ When the remote dies, I just flip the batteries and all the sudden it's fine. That's messed up. I wish my cell phone worked like that.


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