Friday, when I closed my first week at my shiny new professional, relevant job – I experienced a slight spark of a moment that I might just remember for the rest of my life. I felt good. I did good work. I did real work. I surprised not only my supervisors but myself as well. And that was good. And then as I exited the building, I saw my little blue beetle waiting on me (We already know how much having my Beetle means to me). It was mine – owned – possessed – 100% mine and it was just waiting on me to crawl in after a good days work and go home – to my home – my own place. And everything was OK. My future looks solid – I’m stabilizing, I’m making good money, I’m going to school, I’ve got friends of the highest caliber and I can support myself. It was just such a wonderful… feeling. A new one. A good one.


Blogger Tel said...

Hang on to that feeling! Isn't it great to take care of yourself and feel good?

12:30 PM  

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