Old Job, meet New Job -- You've been replaced.

I have ended the first week at my new job on a high note. And now I have time to post some things because I’m currently sitting at old job. Yep, Working this weekend too – I’m a work-horse like that. Though each subsequent day it gets harder and harder to drag my ass out of bed. I look forward to relaxing with my friends this evening over pizza, Double Dash, and a crackling fire with smores. Doesn’t that even just SOUND cool? We rock like that. I love having friends. I appreciate them so much – which I attempt to convey by making them cakes and being motherly and feeding them. I doubt it works, but thankfully I haven’t driven them crazy yet ;)

This is my last weekend at old job. I typed up a lovely formal resignation letter and dropped it by this week. I’d rather have talked to someone in person, but I didn’t have time – and I won’t have time next week either. So I wrote up a letter to the chief and CCed it to all my supervisors and came by one night and left them in their mailboxes. I expected a phone call or something – but nothing. And I’m not on the schedule anymore so I know they got them. I suppose they’re mad that I’m leaving so maybe silence is better than the alternative – but it stings a little. I’ve worked here for nearly a year now. I’m good at the job – I’ve never called out sick or missed work. I’ve come in and worked extra shifts when asked AND I worked every single fucking holiday. I knew that we part-timers didn’t get any respect and I took issue with that, but this just proves it. I don’t even get a goodbye – just my name removed from the schedule. And I’ve wasted all this time feeling guilty about quitting…

I have lots to say about new job – but that’s a different post…


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