Look what I did, momma!

You know how when you were little and you colored pictures in class the teacher would hang them all outside in the hall? And then you'd want to bring your parents to show them that -- look, I did THAT! And you'd want to bring them into the room to show them YOUR desk and YOUR cubby hole -- cause they were YOURS. You know that feeling? K.

Mom's coming to visit me Friday -- WOOT! -- and I wish I could drag her to where I work and show her my cube. And I want her to have dinner with my friends cause -- LOOK! -- they're MY friends. And I know none of that is appropriate. You have to wear a RFID tag that is visible at all times where I work so bringing my mom in to show her my cube wouldn't exactly go over to well. But I want to show her anyway. Look mom, I HAVE A REAL JOB! Look mom, PEOPLE LIKE ME! It's like reverse show and tell or something. And I'm an adult so I can't -- dammit.

Would it be totally weird to invite my friends to eat dinner with my mom? Erin met her last time she visited... I hope she spends the night. I love when my mom comes to visit!


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