It's not a bug -- It's a "feature."

(Most of you have already heard this story -- so go ahead and forgive me.)

On the list of things being found to keep me busy this past week has been a quirk in the program. Not a huge deal -- but a bug that shouldn't be there. Thursday morning I decided to take it on. I spent hours throwing in debug statements then trotting down the the lab to see if they would shed some light. I even went as far as to throw in a pop-up every second so I could track what variables were messing up. And I found it! Before lunch I actually found what was causing the spike -- and I was thrilled to death with myself.

So I call in my supervisor and show him -- I found it! It was actually programmed to do that -- so we can just take out these two lines of code and it'll be gone!

He looks at it and ponders it. And then he tells me that it's useful so I should leave it in.


For two week this has been a bug he hated. Now it's a feature. Oy vey.


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