But I LIKE to be lazy on the weekends...

So I call my dad today to say hello. I've apparently not seen or really talked to anyone since Christmas -- wait, what month is it? Anyway, he just bitched about when was I coming home. I said I wasn't sure -- he says I'm off on the weekends now it should be no problem -- the whole world does this 40-hour-week thing and THEY don't have a problem with it. Well, come my free weekend, I'd like time to sleep late, and clean my house, and pet my cat, and spend time playing stupid video games with my friends. Sorry, I'm not a bigger person, but this is how I'm doing at the moment. I have a life now -- a life in HUNTSVILLE.

Mom came to visit this weekend! She spent the night too. I slept on the futon -- it's kinda like taking a vacation or something. I might sleep in the living room tonight too -- its fun. And most of my friends were total sweethearts and came out to eat with me and my momma! And they didn't even act like it was all weird. I wanted her to meet my friends and see that I'm doing OK. Mom worries about me a lot -- and plus these are my friends - my life - and I wanted her to meet them. I'm odd, OK. I took her to work too to show her my cube. LOL. I wish she could have spent the whole weekend -- I miss her.

So today I woke up and had breakfast with mom. Then I spent the day on the futon watching the Style network (I don't have cable. It's Saturday -- nothing comes on basic cable on Saturdays. Except, apparently, for the old Louie the Lightning Bug public service announcements. No shit -- I totally watched them. Welcome back to the 80's). NOW I'm gonna take a shower and make cakes for tonight -- we're all getting together for Battlestar Galactica. Ok, so I don't watch that show and they're all hard-core don't-dare-talk-during-my show about it -- so I'm going to go over AFTER BG for Firefly (yes, we all own our own copy of the DVDs and we all love to watch them) and video games. And I'm taking cake. Because -- well -- I do shit like that. See -- relax on Saturday. No stress. It's nice. The cats like having me home. They do!


Anonymous Crystal said...

As long as I’ve known you he’s sought out reasons to be a grump. So why can’t he come down and take you to lunch or dinner one night? That would be nice and then he could show that you’re special to him by making an effort. (wrote this before I read that your mom did) I don’t blame you for having a life and enjoying it! By the way despite your disclaimer about ruining Grey’s Anatomy I read on, because when you’re reading you can’t just stop. Totally spoiled the whole two hours for me…I OWE YOU! I am glad things are going well for you. Weird question…do you have a theme song? You know a song that makes you think about you and where you currently are in life, I’ve found one for me with this divorce thing!

10:13 AM  

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