Tonight a bunch of us gathered at Chad's house to chill (cause I'm cool enough to use the word chill). We tried out a new game for the game cube -- Donkey Kong -- with BONGOS. Apparently it's like Guitar Hero -- but with Bongos. Oh yeah -- and it's fucking awesome. It looks lame -- it sounds lame -- we weren't expecting much. Chad got 4 sets of Bongos super cheap at Game Stop though so there we were -- with 4 sets of Bongo controllers. And dude -- it was AWESOME.

Playing by yourself probably wouldn't be fun. Playing with 2 people would get better.... but playing with 4 people is insanely fun. Each of you has your own rhythm to follow with the song -- there's left hits, right hits, both bongos at once, and claps. It's exactly like guitar hero in the set up. But dude. DUDE. having 4 people beat bongos and clap in synch -- PRICELESS. Everyone's smacking away and laughing and then all the sudden every one claps 3 times in synch then right back to smacking away.... Player three claps, player two claps -- all players clap, clap, clap. It's a riot -- I promise -- we all loved it. In fact there were 5 of us and only 4 controllers and we were totally not willing to share. No one wanted to stand this song out. I recommend it for groups -- 4 stars. I can't wait to get everyone together to play it again. That was better than the Wii.

We also played dance dance revolution. The first (and probably last time) I ever played. I suck at it. Hard. I did about 4 songs -- E E E D and E. Yep -- the BEST I could get on the "light" (aka as insanely easy level) was a D. Yep. I suck. Watching 2 people play side by side though is rather amusing -- I'll admit that.

Oh, and then we watched 3 episodes of Firefly. I love my adult friends! Who knew you were still allowed to get together in mass and play games all night when you're a grown-up? I didn't even get to have that much fun in High-School -- much less when I lived in a dorm. Now that we all have to be up early tomorrow and part to drive to different sides of town at the end of the evening -- when it's way less convenient --- NOW we all get together and have way too much fun playing video games. Better late than never :)


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