They're out there...

Tonight, I again heard a cat wailing outside. I tried to resist the urge to make sure it was ok -- I really tried. After all, no good could possibly come from me going out there and seeing a poor helpless cat meow at me -- no good. I tried. I couldn't resist.

When I opened the door, I saw a grey cat -- obviously someones cat. He was big and fat and wearing a flea collar. He was sitting in the landscaping directly in front of my door. I approached him calling sweetly and caught a shimmer in the corner of my vision. It was a cat's eye. An eye attached to another cat. Who was sitting by another cat... who was sitting by 4 more cats. Six huge fat cats -- some with collars -- sitting outside my door. Five of them were lined up on the wall and the sixth was sitting in front of them... meowing at me. I'm going to be honest: it scared me a little.

Obviously, I went right back inside and locked the door. Gang of creepy cats calling to me = horror movie type stuff. Jack and Tabitha weren't even in the window -- they couldn't have cared less -- they were both sleeping on the sofa. That's really messed up.

I contemplated the freakiness of the situation and decided that I should take a picture to show everyone just how messed up this was. But when I opened the door again -- nothing was there. Not a single cat. Nothing. Then when I closed the door, I could still hear a cat wailing. I locked the door again and after a moments pause, decided to find them -- I could HEAR them. I couldn't find them. It's just like a nondirectional wailing sound...

I'm kinda seriously a little freaked out by the whole thing.


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