Shhhh. Don't tell my family.

This morning my upstairs neighbor made SO. MUCH. NOISE. He always does -- he apparently has to be at work at like 5:30am and I get to hear him get ready every morning. He always wakes me up. Always. I hate him as a neighbor. A lot.

So yeah, he's rustling around, watching the morning news, takes his shower. Lots of banging in the living room -- the it sounds like he just absolutely smashes and shatters something on the balcony. Seriously -- WTF?

Turns out he was getting robbed. My bad. That shattering? His balcony door -- the balcony above mine. Uhuh.

Using my excellent gossip skills, I have discovered that it was probably something personal. They probably broke in the front door and just smashed the back door for shits. They also didn't steal a single valuable thing. His computer remains -- as does his TV and all that shit. All the took was some magazines. So if all that is true -- then that's cool. If not... well... don't tell my family. Maybe don't tell Erin either.


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