So yes, yesterday I received a letter in the mail... a job offer. Today I called and said "HELL YES, I ACCEPT." Ok, I didn't say it like that. But yes, job offer. A good one -- a real job. The same thing I'd get if I had my degree -- only they can hire me now and pay me a lot less. That's cool with me though.

I'm not making what I was aiming for, but I'm making much more than I've ever made at any other job -- and I'm making more than enough to cover my monthly expenses and such -- plenty of money for now. And I have a title. And a cubicle. And possibly a security clearance. Wednesday I have to take a drug test and then I'll start the next week.

Oh and this has finally spurred me to get the paperwork done to have my associates degree awarded to me from Jeff State -- so I call up this morning to see exactly how to do that... and bad news. Well, bad news that I'm not going to freak about. I've decided my course of action and that shall do. No worries. Long story short -- I wasn't informed that I'd have to be currently enrolled as a student there (there being the community college I attended before UAH) to be awarded the degree. Oh booooo. I've also got to get it done before summer semester. Oh. And I thought I just had to fill out a form or something...

Well, there's more. On my resume, I pointed out that I had completed the associates curriculum and am just awaiting the awarding -- which is true, right? But it's only true if I GET the degree -- if I don't... well then that would become a lie -- even though it's true. Lies -- even true ones -- on resumes are bad -- especially when they actually hire you. Dammit. So -- here's how to fix this. I have to take a class at Jeff State this summer -- any class -- I only need 1 hour to be counted as enrolled -- and I can take it online -- and it can be anything I want because the point isn't to complete the degree -- the point is to be a current student so that they'll process the completed degree. So. I can do this. I can pay a hundred dollars for 1 hour and take some bullshit class online. Maybe like a class in addition or something. Like math 008 or something. I tutored a girl in that -- they were working on negative numbers. So yeah, I'll get the associates, but it'll cost me a hundred dollars and 2 trips to Birmingham. That's worth it -- right?


Anonymous Leah said...

definitely worth it. Just get the stupid degree and then move on with enjoying your job.

Maybe you could take a one credit class in something easy yet fun. Surely they have to have some sort of thing like bookkeeping or reading newspapers or lord knows what else . . .

*note: I think bookkeeping would be fun to learn. It just occurred to me that other people might not agree.

10:14 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

I have absolutly no interest in bookkeeping LOL

I just talked to them today and had them pull up my files to be 100% sure of what I need transfered (history classes -- I waited as long as I possibly could before taking history -- THANK GOD I NEVER HAVE TO TAKE IT AGAIN) and what needs to be done. I have to take and complete a course -- any course. The soonest I can do this is obviously summer semester. I'm going to take an internet class -- some 1 hour credit course in some bullshit topic -- the easiest 1 hour course they offer.

11:43 AM  

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